Introducing The Interline

The Interline is an online publication and community dedicated to fashion and retail technology. Designed and written by the fashion industry experts who created WhichPLM, The Interline is a brand-new, independent initiative targeted at fashion industry professionals who are hungry for real editorial, opinion, and analysis that is completely devoted to fashion technology.

Other technology publications only rarely talk about fashion. And fashion business magazines only sometimes touch on technology. The Interline is different: we are all fashion technology, all of the time.

Beginning with our launch in March 2020, every month will see The Interline reporting on a different fashion technology topic: from personalised, post-sale experiences that rely on RFID, to the new age of industrial robotics.

Our Editorial Archive collects our full history of fashion technology articles, organised by editorial focus; our homepage is the destination for the latest fashion and retail technology stories; our Events page tracks The Interline’s participation in fashion technology events around the world; and our News archive features a curated back catalogue of press release and regular fashion technology round-ups.

For questions, news tips, or advertising and media enquiries, please contact us using the button below.