• Web : https://wearaware.co
  • Address : Koningin Wilhelminaplain 1
  • City : Amsterdam
  • Country : The Netherlands
  • ZIP / Post Code : 1062 HG
  • Primary Telephone : +31 20 210 19 50
  • Email : hello@wearaware.co
  • Supplier Profile : Aware™ is the solution for a new era. We make data public to track and validate the end-to-end impact of sustainable textiles from origin to consumer: The unlock for minimising our collective impact. Aware™ unites physical tracer technology with public blockchain technology for trusted traceability.

The problem 

From brand to consumer – the textiles community faces a common problem: How can we build trust in sustainability claims?

From brands trying to drive sustainable supply chains to suppliers trying to gain trust with clients; through to consumers trying to evaluate how sustainable their choices really are. Our common problem lies in today’s outdated sustainability claims system – hierarchical, private, open to fraud, and for the most part still manual.

The process

The Aware™ process begins with embedding our physical tracer in a textile at source. Scanning using our device enables instant verification along the entire value chain. Production data logged on the public blockchain by every supplier at every step according to standardized Aware™ methodology creates a digital twin and virtual flow that follows the physical material flow forward. This innovative platform transforms a system hidden behind private databases into a democratic, open and user friendly platform. 

The Aware™ Virtual ID: Makes choosing better easier.

The Aware™ Virtual ID is a digital product passport (DPP) for consumers that makes choosing better easier. With a quick scan of a QR code, shoppers can access (and instantly compare) meaningful and trusted impact data. 

A trusted solution for all 

Aware™ democratizes control to benefit all stakeholders:

  • Building trust in brands.
  • Empowering suppliers to have a voice and show their value.
  • Enabling consumers to make meaningful choices.