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  • Supplier Profile : CBX Software is the foremost extended product lifecycle management solution provider from concept to delivery – combining people, processes and solutions. CBX helps retailers and brands streamline product development and sourcing all the way through order, production and delivery. Through innovative Sourcing Management, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Production and Order Management technology solutions, CBX empowers the supply chain network by driving collaboration to over 15,000 retail & supplier partners, and 30,000 users in more than 50 countries.

CBX Solutions

Partner Management

CBX Partner Management is a robust, auditable solution that enables your organization to reduce risk in supply chain compliance. With this comprehensive solution you can manage all your supplier information in one place. Compliance with technical, environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements is taken care of by the CBX system, which provides full visibility into your suppliers.

“Before finding CBX, our invoices were frequently incorrect. CBX gives us the flexibility to handle more complex requirements with a high degree of accuracy. “

Solomon Schnitzler, Manager, B&H EDI Department

Product Lifecycle Management

CBX Product Lifecycle Management streamlines the design and development of branded and private label merchandise to collaboratively bring products to market faster. Our PLM suite allows designers, buyers, merchandisers, and suppliers to develop collections, finalize designs and approve samples more efficiently. Whether your business is apparel, general merchandise or food, the range of tools in our PLM+ stack empowers your team to multiply the speed, and efficiency needed to get products developed.

“One unexpected benefit is we can save all our company information and easily access it whenever we need it.  Finding information becomes so much easier when it’s all stored in one centralized place. The transparency and accessibility of that information is huge for us.” 

Gregory Koren, Chief Information Officer, Tefron

Global Sourcing

CBX Sourcing allows the range of teams in your organization who play a role in sourcing to work in harmony with suppliers to source products. Along with price and quality, our system automatically collects and reports on social and environmental concerns. CBX Sourcing provides a more effective way for buyers, merchandizers, and suppliers to organize their collections and to review and comment on the design, cost, quality and provenance of a product.

“KGS went through an extensive evaluation for its global sourcing systems and ultimately decided on CBX because of its comprehensive capabilities and ability to support us in Asia.”

Glenda Wee, Chief Executive Officer, Kering Group Sourcing

Quality Assurance

CBX Quality Assurance is a robust solution that helps you stay on top of quality in your supply chain. By digitizing your quality process, CBX Quality Assurance saves you hundreds of hours typically spent coordinating and scheduling inspections. With the CBX Mobile Inspector app, whoever is doing the inspections has convenient access to electronic inspection forms and related information such as purchase orders and specifications. And if an inspection issue arises, anyone involved in the order cycle receives a real time alert from CBX.

“With CBX Cloud, Wünsche Group now has clear transparency and is better connected across the entire global organization.”

Nikolaus Eberhardt, Director Organisation & Process Management

Order Management

CBX Order Management integrates with your organization’s retail ERP system to orchestrate the order and production of branded and private label merchandise. With CBX Order Management, your merchandisers can more efficiently drive the production and delivery of merchandise across markets and channels.

“With CBX, El Corte Inglés is able to catch issues much earlier in our production cycle, this results in better control over meeting our buyer’s expectations of completed orders with no shipment delays, which ultimately relates to quality products at the lowest prices for our customers.”

–  Sergio Gonzalez, General Manager, El Corte Inglés – Shanghai

Logistics Management

CBX Logistics empowers your organization with clear visibility into the status of order shipments. With connections to all major freight forwarders and shipping carriers, CBX Logistics Navigator provides buyers, merchandisers, and the logistics team with a simple solution to get real-time logistics visibility into every order in your supply chain. Now you can stay on top of your shipments, while our AI engine does the heavy lifting, monitoring the supply chain and alerting your buyers and merchandisers about potential delays.

Customer Success Stories

CBX is the chosen global sourcing software for top brands around the world; 15,000 retail partners in 50 countries rely on CBX Software to keep their businesses moving. Our customers trust CBX Software to deliver comprehensive, customized, easy-to-use retail PLM, sourcing network software, and supply chain management tools.

“Our collaboration with CBX Software has helped us reduce time-to-market and drive costs out of our supply chains, thereby helping us to deliver on-trend fashionable products at a great price to our customers.”

Michael Fagan, Head of Operations, Kmart Australia

Customers Include:

Case Studies

How CBX Cloud enabled ESG within Wünsche Group

Founded in Germany more than 80 years ago by Ludwig Wünsche, the family run trading company Wünsche Group supplies consumer goods, non-food, food apparel, textiles, and electronic products to retailers across the globe.

CBX Cloud provided Wünsche with a true end-to-end platform, and a streamlined system for managing the company’s many divisions and tracking the more than 1000 production facilities it uses worldwide. CBX Cloud’s critical path management tools and real-time reports guarantee the entire Wünsche organization works from the most current information. The software handles Wünsche’s complete product lifecycle and supply chain processes, from product development, sourcing, quality, vendor management, shipping, and logistics.

How Fashion Leader Tefron Grew Rapidly with CBX Cloud

The world’s leading manufacturer of seamless garments and activewear, Tefron needed to scale to keep up with the growing demand for its specialty apparel. But managing that increased order volume was difficult under the company’s complicated manual systems, which were slowed by tedious file handoffs, redundant communications, and persistent versioning issues. Tefron needed a more efficient, reliable process to speed its private label sourcing and development for retail giants like Walmart, Target, Costco, and Under Armour, as well as its own fashion brands.

CBX Cloud streamlined Tefron’s product development process, removing spreadsheets and connecting teams across North America and Israel along with sourcing and production offices in Asia to bring new products to market faster.