• Web : https://www.embodee.com/
  • Address : PO BOX 13365
  • State / County : San Juan
  • Country : Puerto Rico
  • ZIP / Post Code : 00908
  • Primary Telephone : +516-362-6333
  • Email : team@embodee.com
  • Supplier Profile : Embodee provides digital solutions to help the global apparel supply chain increase efficiency and bolster sustainability. For over 10 years, apparel behemoths like Nike and Adidas have relied on Embodee’s software, and today, it powers the industry’s emerging digital creation pipelines.

Orchids by Embodee improves engagement between supply and demand by coupling existing 3D data with rich capabilities. The collaborative web platform enhances interactions between designers, manufacturers, and brands, and boosts productivity across the industry’s ~$1 trillion supply chain.

With Orchids, digitally created products are easy to share and publish even before they’re made. Silos between departments and companies are removed and stakeholders are brought closer together, with real-time visibility that lets everyone make direct contributions. Decision making across distance and time becomes faster, easier, and less error prone. 

Orchids’ proven benefits include fewer—or no—physical samples needed for customer approval. Ease of use, low adoption hurdles, and rich capabilities, including support for all major languages, enable the next step in the global industry’s digital transformation. 

Ideate & Present: Create and Share Digital Canvas Spaces

With Orchids’ Spaces, anyone can easily work with 2D and 3D assets, gathering, storing, sharing, and presenting collections. This infinite digital canvas enhances collaboration and engages buyers online. Spaces lets you see the latest 3D variants as they emerge, and build collections for review and approval. These capabilities have the power to revolutionize planning and communication across departments and between buyers and makers.

Publish: Upload 3D Products and Bring Them to Life Online

Make 3D models developed by 3D technical designers accessible to anyone by bringing them into Orchids. Optimize them with the click of a button to publish them anywhere—B2B sales, e-commerce, online ads, social media, the metaverse—or use the creation tools to design a cornucopia of design variants.

Create: Easily, Collaboratively, and Rapidly, Online

The entire team can view, comment, and help evolve all products in 3D from anywhere—without specialized 3D expertise. Apparel designers, print designers, product managers, merchandisers, and salespeople get new products to customers faster and better. Buyers can interact, too, helping make decisions and speed products to market—without relying on physical samples.