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  • Supplier Profile : For the past 10 years, Emersya has been pioneering Interactive 3D and Augmented Reality for digital product experiences. Our all-in-one online platform empowers brands, manufacturers & retailers to leverage their digital assets from product ideation to commercialization, thus creating value all the way along their products’ lifecycle. Emersya offers brands an efficient & sustainable way to design & review new product collections online, then automatically generate production data & create engaging, omni-channel product discovery & customization experiences in 3D, AR & the metaverse. Upstream, Emersya’s technology helps brands to reduce physical samples, streamline the workflows of transversal teams and speed up time to market, while driving consumer engagement and reducing returns downstream.

Leverage digital assets from product ideation to sales

Emersya develops an all-in-one 3D & AR product visualization and customization platform, which empowers retailers to leverage digital assets from product ideation to sales.

The platform offers a streamlined digital product development workflow that accelerates time to market, increases sustainability and automates the generation of production data & the creation of marketing content.

Manage 3D Assets

Emersya’s agnostic platform allows brands to publish and optimize their digital assets (models, materials, colors and graphics) from any software, to easily visualize, enrich and share them online. The platform breaks down the silos between different departments (design, development, marketing, sales etc.) by providing an accessible easy-to-use tool that enables everyone to work together.

Create variants

Emersya provides brands with an easy to use, online tool for creating new product variants by trying out different colors, materials, artworks and graphics in real-time 3D. Designers can instantly create an unlimited number of true-to-life virtual samples for their new product collection.

Share, Review & Iterate

Instead of physical meetings with physical samples, brand teams can review and discuss the product designs online in Interactive 3D and Augmented Reality. This can cut the production of physical samples by 90% and cut lead time by up to 50%, which in turn reduces overall costs and the impact on the environment.

Generate TechPacks

Once the colorway designs have been validated, Emersya can automatically generate Tech Packs, including the Bill of Materials and other data the brand requires for material sourcing & production. This data can be fed directly into the brand’s PLM to speed up the process, eliminate the margin for error and enable designers to spend more time on creative tasks.

Automate photo-shootings

Emersya offers a virtual product photography solution that enables marketers to generate infinite numbers of true-to-life product images based on the 3D models of their products. This enables brands to create more product visuals, for all product colorways, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Share and embed 3D & AR product experiences

For every product design created on the platform, Emersya automatically generates a link to visualize and share the design online. This link can be embedded in any website or used for B2B sell-in. Using the same assets, the platform also empowers brands to easily create web-based 3D & AR product experiences for B2C sales, online and in-store. These experiences drive consumer engagement, increase conversion rates and build consumer loyalty, whilst reducing returns.

Offer product customization & made-to-order

The Emersya platform provides brands with an easy, automatable process for setting up customizable or configurable products in 3D. From personalizing a product with a custom engraving, embroidery or imagery to creating a bespoke product, Emersya facilitates the manufacturing of custom products at scale, by supplying the production files and offering an online order management system. Offering made-to-order products helps companies produce more sustainably whilst reducing returns.

Our Value Propositions

The Emersya platform empowers brands to create value all the way along their product lifecycles.


Reduce Physical samples

60 million samples/year for the footwear industry alone could be avoided by using digital twins

Shorten Creation process & Time to market

Launch products 50% more quickly with faster iterations, efficient decision making and no need to wait for physical samples + generate marketing content very early

Involve Extended teams

Include anyone in the creation and decision making process (non technical teams, merchandisers, marketers, etc)

Generate Production & Marketing material

Avoid wasting 50% of creatives’ time manually filling in data + make production data more reliable + generate packshots and innovative 3D experiences


90% Engagement rate

90% of users spend at least 10 seconds interacting with the 3D experience when loaded

1min45 Captive time

An average of 1m45 is spent playing with the Interactive 3D & Augmented Reality experiences

+35% Conversion rate

Customers are more likely to purchase when they experience products in 3D or AR

Up to 100% Reduction in returns

3D & AR help shoppers make more informed decisions. Customization & Made-to-Order can reduce returns to 0.

More Sustainable Production

Emersya facilitatesthe transition to a made-to-order system through Interactive 3D product customization + an online order management system

Our Customers & Partners

A number of industry-leading brands from diverse industries have chosen Emersya as their 3D & AR technology partner.

Here are some examples:

Salomon · Target · Billabong · Dainese · Decathlon · Newell Brands · Vacheron Constantin · Samsonite · Victorinox · Kiko Milano · Bollé brands · Vitra

Emersya works closely with our clients and partners to develop digital solutions that bridge the gaps in their current value chains, to collectively build interconnected and collaborative DPC workflows. Our platform is agnostic meaning that users can publish 3D models and materials coming from any modelling or scanning software. It can also be easily integrated with other software and solutions such as CMS, eCommerce platforms, ERP, PLM, PIM or DAM.

Here are some of our key partners and technology integrations:

3D modeling

Clo · Browzwear · Optitex · Gerber · Lectra · Shima Seiki · iCAD 3D+
Shoemaster · Romans CAD · Blender · Rhino · and more

Digital materials

Adobe Substance + Creative Suite · Vizoo u3m materials · Xrite AxF materials

Commerce Solutions

Amazon · Adobe · Salesforce · Shopify · WooCommerce · and more

PLM + Merchandising

Connect Emersya to your PLM solution with our API

Success Story – Salomon

Emersya has been working with Salomon as a 3D technology partner since 2016 when they released their revolutionary SLAB ME:SH configurator. Since launching this first project together, we have been discussing Salomon’s challenges and the potential for using 3D technology in other stages of their product lifecycle workflows.

Salomon were looking for a way to streamline and accelerate their internal workflows for designing the different variants in their new product collections. Their designers needed an easy-to-use online solution that would allow them to prepare their variant designs in 3D, then share and review them with members of the wider product design, development, marketing and sales teams.

Salomon’s main goals:

  • Reduce the production of physical samples from 40,000/year to a few thousand
  • Speed up time to market by 50%
  • Involve more stakeholders in the design review to make better business decisions
  • Automate the low value data compilation tasks to double the time designers spend on creative ones and remove the human margin of error

“Having a partner like Emersya is so important as they are quick to understand our needs and provide solutions, helping us to grow. We definitely chose the right partner.”

Emilien Arbez, Digital Product Creation Manager at Salomon

Find out how Salomon use the Emersya Platform to achieve these goals and more

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