• Web : https://www.futures-factory.com/
  • Address : 59 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • City : Paris
  • Country : France
  • ZIP / Post Code : 75001
  • Primary Telephone : N/A
  • Email : contact@futures-factory.com
  • Supplier Profile : Futures Factory is a creator-first startup operating at the forefront of the sneaker culture and web3 founded in 2021. Their ambition is to be the accelerator for the most promising footwear creators, backing them with finance, web3 infrastructure and their community. Futures Factory’s mission is to create a world where footwear creators have the resources, tools, and support they need to create their own inspiring and innovative footwear products, on their own terms.

Futures Factory is the first company to launch dynamic NFT avatars, used as membership tokens, where the owners will be incentivized to collect digital and physical sneakers from their network of brands and designers.

Unveiling the Pioneers

Futures Factory at DRP X Sneakerness, Paris

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