• Web : https://metail.com/
  • Address : 50 St. Andrew’s Street
  • City : Cambridge
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • ZIP / Post Code : CB2 3AH
  • Primary Telephone : +44 1223 982962
  • Email : hello@metail.com
  • Supplier Profile : Metail’s mission is to use technology to accelerate positive change and sustainability in the apparel industry. With 15 years’ experience and over 20 patents granted internationally, the company is pushing the boundaries in the areas of 3D body modelling, virtual model imagery and more. Metail helps brands and manufacturers embed and harness their digital product creation and selling capabilities using compelling 3D and XR visualisation to communicate better. As a result, teams experience better collaboration, quicker decision making and less waste in taking their products to market.

Key product: EcoShot

Metail’s EcoShot® is a powerful visualisation tool that helps brands take their digital designs from concept to selling with speed and ease. EcoShot makes it easy to create true-to-life garment-on-model imagery in a sustainable way, bringing back context and emotion to 3D-produced designs. With access to a diverse range of models in a virtual environment, high quality photographs can be produced without physical photoshoots. The images can be used for a variety of use cases, from presentations and virtual showrooms to social media and e-commerce.

EcoShot Intro, a free version of EcoShot is available to all Browzwear users, giving access to the full model library and five free images.

Use Cases

Missing or delayed photo samples often make it hard for brands to display products efficiently. Boasting over 30 professional models and 260 poses, access to the model library means your model imagery, dressed in your 3D designs, is back in under 24 hours without the need for a photoshoot and samples. With pre-negotiated model image rights, EcoShot images are invaluable for a variety of use cases, from concept creation to different selling purposes.

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