• Web : https://www.neffa.nl
  • Address : Nijverheidsweg-Noord 61-B
  • City : Amersfoort
  • State / County : Utrecht
  • Country : The Netherlands
  • ZIP / Post Code : 3812PK
  • Email : info@neffa.nl
  • Supplier Profile : NEFFA | New Fashion Factory is the ground breaking automated manufacturing method allowing for custom-made textile products from biomaterials like MYCOTEX. Biomass is robotically applied around affordable, configurable and recyclable 3D molds. This patented process gives you unprecedented design freedom to create silhouettes and textures that were never possible before with traditional manufacturing processes, all while guaranteeing a perfect fit.

NEFFA is creating a total solution for the supply chain.

Our supply chain is based on automation, circular and offers unlimited design freedom:

  • Automation to make local and on-demand production possible, eliminating overproduction
  • Circular, based on natural materials & elimination of waste and deadstock. Our solution is not only working for MYCOTEX but for any slurry-based material.
  • More important for brands, we offer you unlimited design freedom to create custom-fit products in new shapes and textures.

Digital automated process

At NEFFA | New Fashion Factory, design is done directly in 3D, using big data or body scans. A digital design interface offers options to apply all kinds of parametric textures in the blink of an eye. The final design is turned into an affordable and recyclable 3D mold with a variety of digital technologies. This is possible because the manufacturing method does not require any high heat or pressure so the molds can be like blisters. In the meantime, the biomass is grown in large fermentation tanks. NEFFA currently works with mycelium – creating a material called MYCOTEX – but their system can also work with other biomaterials that can be grown through liquid fermentation, such as algae or even collagen.

Dazzling speed

Robots apply the biomass around the molds, allowing for various material thicknesses throughout a product. This way, additional reinforcement is not needed, so besides eliminating cutting waste it also minimizes the number of separate parts that are needed. The material is then dried and remains flexible, yet firm. You could compare it to moulded leather, although MYCOTEX by NEFFA is not intending to make a leather replacement, but rather show how next-gen biomaterials like mycelium can lead to next-gen design opportunities. The entire process, from growing the material to having the final products, takes only 7 days, which is a dazzling speed compared to fashion’s current complex supply chain. No plastics or other harmful chemicals are required to make products.