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  • Supplier Profile : Placer.ai is the most advanced location analytics platform describing physical locations, the people and businesses that interact with them, and the markets they inhabit. Placer empowers thousands of organizations in retail, commercial real estate, and economic development to analyze consumer behavior, understand market trends, and optimize critical business decisions within acquisitions, marketing, asset management, site selection, leasing operations, and more.

We empower private and public organizations to make better decisions by helping them understand what’s really happening in the physical world.

10 Regional Retail Powerhouses to Watch: Top Brands Dominating Local Markets

We dove into 10 companies across five different retail and retail service categories that are highly successful in their region. Most began as small, local companies that adapted to local wants and needs and have now grown into leading brands in their space. Some have expanded – or are planning to expand – into new markets, while others are choosing to focus solely on their current region.

But although the different businesses have different approaches to expansion, all these companies have established a strong foothold in their respective markets and are well-positioned for future growth.

Read the white paper to find out:

  • Which footwear retailer situates its stores in areas that are under-indexed for online shoppers? 
  • How does a California-based fitness chain differentiate itself from its competition? 
  • Where has a Wisconsin-based dining concept expanded to? 

Introduction To Real Estate Data Analytics

Find out how real estate professionals can leverage data analytics to assess opportunities and make smarter investment decisions.

Real estate data analytics empowers real estate professionals to make data-driven decisions about the sale, purchase, rental, or management of a physical property. The process involves gathering all the relevant information from various sources and analyzing it to yield actionable insights. Brokers, investors, developers, owners, and other realty professionals rely on real estate data analytics to forecast an investment’s profitability, determine the best time to buy or sell, find suitable tenants, conduct successful negotiations, and allocate marketing efforts. 

Real estate data analytics companies provide industry professionals with the datasets they need, as well as software and other tools that use data science and machine learning to analyze the information and glean actionable insights. 

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