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  • Address : 12 Rue de la Montjoie
  • City : Saint-Denis
  • Country : France
  • ZIP / Post Code : 93210
  • Primary Telephone : +33 (0)6 61 37 20 11
  • Email : contact@tekyn.com
  • Supplier Profile : TEKYN’s mission is to redesign the textile industry 4.0 for a major social, economic and environmental impact. With its collaborative SaaS platform to manage the entire textile supply chain and its 4.0 laser cutting line, TEKYN makes the production chain agile and players of the textile industry more competitive. Its objective is to enable the deployment of a more sustainable production model by making the shift to digitalization accessible to all.

TEKYN : a SaaS collaborative platform for brands and manufacturers:

TEKYN is conceived and designed to interconnect the different professions within the textile industry: product manager, development and production manager, operator…

All players have dedicated workspaces where they can share essential data to all gain in invisibility and productivity. In one click, they access to reliable information, updated in real time (library of components, stock status, materials and accessories), they launch orders…

Testimonial of the fashion brand Amarenak:

“To support our growth, we need a platform like TEKYN to facilitate our production management. It allows us to digitize our production processes and centralize in a library all the materials we need to make our clothes. 

The TEKYN platform connects us with our manufacturers so that they have perfect visibility on the materials, their use and the stock available for each model.

No doubt: with TEKYN we have managed to streamline and reduce production costs.

A good bet for our company!”

  • Oihane Pardo Pérez, founder of Amarnak

Read the use case (or tap the button below): https://en.tekyn.com/etude-de-cas/la-marque-espagnole-amarenak-et-son-atelier-interconnectes-sur-la-plateforme-tekyn

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