• Web : http://www.VibeIQ.com
  • Address : 23306 N. Providence Drive
  • City : Kildeer
  • State / County : IL
  • Country : United States
  • ZIP / Post Code : 60047
  • Email : info@vibeiq.com
  • Supplier Profile : VibeIQ was founded by individuals with a deep background in PLM and the RFA industry. We’re passionate with creating technology that work for the end users, not against them. Our vision is to help brand become more agile and iterative with their go-to-market processes by embracing a fully digital approach. We believe a new architectural foundation and generation of applications are needed to innovate in the go-to-market space.

Why VibeIQ
Embrace agile Merchandising with NextGen visual line planning

Achieve assortment flexibility using iterative, data driven and visual merchandising tools. Capture and aggregate feedback from your product teams, regions, or key customers to drive merchandising insights. Focus your product development where it matters using constant feedback and artificial intelligence.

Streamline your go-to-market activities using collaborative apps built for remote working teams

Eliminate Excel line plans and PowerPoint line boards. Our modern apps let you easily plan, present, and share product assortments. Automate data updates and processes across apps with a deep integration to your enterprise systems.

Accelerate your digital transformation by virtualizing your process from concept to sell

Adopt a digital first approach, leveraging advanced product visualization, 3D and AR/VR. Reduce the number of physical samples needed to support your go-to-market activities and achieve an overall more sustainable development process.

Modernize your go-to-market technology stack

Replace outdated single purpose tools and homegrown solutions with lightweight cloud native applications built on a robust API first architecture. Our cloud platform lets you innovate and deliver quick business value while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

VibeIQ’s entity modeling system allows brands to configure data & processes within their platform with minimal code.

VibeIQ Apps

Replace spreadsheets with an easy-to-use assortment management and visual line planning solution. Plans let you define a collection structure, visually match products to placeholders and quickly iterate on assortments. Create multiple versions, or ‘what ifs’, of your plan and easily compare options. Share with stakeholders for collaborative line review.


Capture themes and mood boards and iterate on concepts and design options in a highly visual user experience. Create, share, and collaborate on design briefs with your internal and external design teams.


Quickly craft interactive product experiences that can be shared with various internal and external stakeholders. Aggregate feedback from hundreds of showcases into actionable insights. Streamline feedback loops across all go-to-market activities: design review, line review, buy/sell-in, and more.

VibeIQ Showcase combines the presentation capabilities of PowerPoint with the product connectivity of an e-commerce application.

Virtual Showroom

Create immersive 3D environments to present your product line, impress your customers or visualize your store layouts. Using the industry leading Unreal gaming engine, virtual showroom enables you to import products and assortments and easily customize a virtual space using your own fixtures and 3D assets.

VibeIQ’s 3D Showroom provides an immersive virtual experience while preserving collection feedback and analytics on products within their cloud platform.

VibeIQ Platform

Let our cloud platform power your next generation of go-to-market applications. Our core apps can be extended and used in tandem with your own internally developed tools using our developer framework / SDK.

  • True SaaS Architecture
  • Highly Configurable
  • API Based Microservices
  • Custom App Framework
  • Connected
  • Security Focused

Case Study

Selling with VibeIQ.

Learn how Hoka (part of Decker’s Corp.) leveraged the VibeIQ innovation platform for their SP2021 season to overcome COVID19 travel limitations, significantly reduce the number of physical samples required while cutting down on the time and effort spent preparing for sell in meetings, creating customer proposals and initiating orders.

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