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  • Address : Rua do Parque Industrial, 60
  • City : Barcelos
  • State / County : Barcelos, Portugal
  • Country : Portugal
  • ZIP / Post Code : 4750-036
  • Email : geral@wonder-raw.com
  • Supplier Profile : WonderRaw was born to make it possible for anyone to create its own casual clothing brand, with the lowest investment and in an easy and intuitive way. Starting from a ready for deying in-stock set of five different styles – T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Pants and Shorts – we allow full customization of colors, prints, embroideries, labelling and packaging. Ultimately, we can also provide our customers with warehousing and dropshipping of the collections developed with us.

How it Works

WonderRaw intends to facilitate the entire process of creating a brand and/or clothing collection and, as such, is responsible for the entire process relating to it. With us, you can create a unique clothing collection without the complexity of the textile sector. You will find in our products/services a multitude of options, quality and speed of development.

See how it works below:

5 Styles Available

You can create your collection from 5 basic models: Hoodie, Sweatshirt, T-shirt, Pants and Shorts. Their size-chart goes from 1-7, and you have the possibility to match the sizes to the numbers you want. After selecting the styles below, give free rein to your creativity and we will develop them for you.

We pride ourselves on the high quality and craftsmanship of our garments, which are all made from 100% organic cotton. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends to our pre-shrunk process, which ensures 0% shrinkage. Plus, all of our products are made in Portugal, where we maintain strict quality control standards.

Design and 3D Technology

Deciding on which artwork for brand can be challenging, but our team of designers is equipped to handle it. Additionally, as advocates for digitalization and sustainability, we utilize 3D technology for virtual showrooms, which can be used for social media or website purposes.


We are equipped with our own DTG printing machines to make it easy to customize the garments. DTG is a printing method in which an inkjet is applied directly to the garment and the technology that we use is the most ecological printing technique in the market, especially because we do it in a single step (our printers do not need pre and post treatments), and we use water-based, toxin-free, biodegradable inks. Besides being able to print artworks in 3D (simulating sub dyes, vynil, embroideries, etc.), we are also able to provide glitter, flock, screen print as well as a diverse selection of embroidery methods and techniques.

Branding Service

Printed backneck labels, woven neck labels or other decorative labels are also developed by us. The Hang-Tag can be customized with your own logo or other image or text you wish it to have.

Warehousing and Dropshipping services

We understand that logistics and storage can be a complicated process, especially when you’re just starting to build your brand. That’s why we’ve developed a solution for businesses looking to streamline their inventory management and order fulfillment processes. Our warehousing and dropshipping services provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to store your products in a secure, climate-controlled facility and fulfill orders without having to worry about managing inventory yourself. With our services, you can focus on growing your brand while we take care of the logistics.

Sustainable Production

Since the beginning of WonderRaw’s creation, the company’s main objective has always been to integrate sustainability into all our actions.

Use of knits and fabrics of 100% organic and responsible origin;

Use of Eco-Friendly inks, non-toxic, free of phthalates and heavy metals;

Participation in the development of circular systems to recycle old products and reuse raw materials, keeping them out of waste streams;

We ensure sustainable, on-demand production where overproduction is eliminated;

Use of sustainable packaging.

Creating a Collection has never been easier!
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