SOURCING at MAGIC, the milestone fashion industry event, sponsors this Metaverse fashion podcast.

Intrigued by the potential of digital fashion, but unsure of how to put it into practice? Uncertain about where Metaverse fashion hype ends and real use cases begin? You’re not alone. The latest episode of The Interline Podcast – available across all major listening platforms from today, and embedded below – explores these questions.

For this show, Ben Hanson is joined by Marjorie Hernandez, Founder of LUKSO, and Co-Founder of The Dematerialised. Working those dual roles, Marjorie has a unique perspective on the cultural component of digital identity and self-expression, and also the core mechanics of digital ownership and decentralisation.

This Metaverse fashion podcast episode is sponsored by Informa Markets Fashion and SOURCING at MAGIC. The Interline is proudly partnering with SOURCING at MAGIC to showcase fashion technology in action this August, 7th through 10th, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Working together, we will be bringing vital fashion industry discussions like this episode’s Metaverse-focused conversation to life, alongside a wider programme of technology-focused talks, topics breakdowns, and demonstrations by technology exhibitors in the all-new SOURCE Lounge.

There will also be a special episode of The Interline Podcast recorded live at the event, and Ben will be taking to the main education stage with Dr. Eric S Ackerman, VP of Commercial Technology at Perry Ellis International, to examine the lessons that brand learned from its early entry into Metaverse fashion.

Register for SOURCING at MAGIC today, or explore why extending the technology footprint of such a milestone industry event is so vital in our new editorial collaboration.

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Our next episode is scheduled for release soon. In the meantime, you can find key talking points from Episode 4 below.

Key talking points:

In just over thirty minutes, this Metaverse fashion podcast episode explores the following topics:

  • How far the vision for digital ownership and interoperability (the ability to verifiably own a digital garment, and to use it wherever the consumer wants) is being realised today, and what barriers still stand in its way.
  • Working with a blockchain as the foundation of that vision, what can be done to make blockchain applications more approachable, to increase the odds of end user adoption?
  • With so many brands keen to capitalise on what they see as the business model opportunity in digital fashion, what does an actual technology and process roadmap look like?
  • What does it mean to own and govern our personal digital identities? And what implications does this have for the way brands engage with their consumers across channels, including the Metaverse?
  • For an industry that has been physical-only for centuries, how does fashion approach the challenge of developing a digital business model? Should brands look to blend their physical and digital sales together, or operate two distinct business units?

For more on the relationship between blockchain and the potential next evolution of the digital economy, explore our previous collaboration with LUKSO.

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