Gone Viral – B2B In A Post-Pandemic Age

COVID has accentuated the need for constant brand and consumer interaction, but it’s also reshaped the nature of both B2C and B2B conversations. Before complexity takes over, it’s time to consider what you want to say.

Redesigning Fashion with AI-Powered Supply Chains

The pandemic has intensified underlying problems with fashion supply chains. To cope with volatility and manage the unexpected, retailers and manufacturers now have the unavoidable task of evolving their manufacturing models through a hybrid of AI and IoT.

3D: Bridging The Brand-Supplier Divide

With the initial rush to 3D over, is digital product creation running the risk of overlooking the people who actually create products? Or does a true, end-to-end, 3D ecosystem have the potential to bridge the longstanding brand-supplier divide?

Webinar Replay: 3D And DPC Survey Discussion

Late last year, Kalypso, The Interline, and a panel of industry insiders and experts convened to discuss the findings of the landmark 3D and digital product creation maturity survey. That live event was quickly booked up, but is now being made available as a full replay, to benchmark digital product creation for 2021.

The Full Fashion-Tech Spectrum

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, we will be covering the following hot fashion technology topics: