Intelligent Retail: Fashion’s New Baseline

Change – from the small-scale to the sweeping – will be a prominent force in fashion’s near and mid-term future, creating an even stronger need for brands to have supreme confidence in what they bring to market and how they sell it.

Building Sustainable Supply Chains: The Interline Talks To Serai & KPMG

After decades of guarding its supply chain secrets, the fashion industry finds itself needing to embrace transparency in a hurry. But how far does it need to go? And how can brands balance the cost and the opportunity of rethinking how they source? We talk to two of the authors of a new report that aims to tackle those questions.

2021, The Year Of Fashion NFTs

This has been the year of NFT fever. But what are NFTs, why is everyone rushing to cash in, and what do they mean for an industry that has remained resolutely physical for so long?

Designing A Way Out Of The Downward Spiral

Globalisation has accelerated the fashion industry to an unsustainable pace – in more ways than one. Can we escape that race to the bottom and do the right thing at the same time? New methods of manufacturing could hold the answer.

Interline Identities: Joachim Hensch

Smart manufacturing can be a nebulous term, but Joachim Hensch has helped put it into practice for one of the world’s most recognisable brands. His definition carries a lot of weight.

The Full Fashion-Tech Spectrum

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