Our Take On Fashion’s Forecast for 2024

We pick up three key themes from McKinsey’s State of Fashion 2024 report, analysing AI’s pervasive influence in the industry; the climate emergency and fashion’s future with sustainability; and how brands, retailers and suppliers can prepare for fashion’s economic outlook for the year ahead.

Climate Change’s Impact On The Supply Chain Lands Closer To Home

Climate change is having drastic effects on supply chains in many of fashion’s main manufacturing hubs, and recent evidence shows that Europe is no exception. What does this mean for brands and suppliers in terms of protecting their people as well as securing their products’ routes to market?

Surf Summit 2023: Riding The Sustainability Wave

How brands, competitors, and tech companies collaborated to define a digital, sustainable path for the water sport industry, and what this pioneering sector can teach us about effective communication of sustainability initiatives.

Where And Why Fabric Waste Originates

The focus in reducing fashion’s outsize environmental footprint is primarily downstream, but an alarming amount of fabric is also discarded during the design and development process. How can fashion rethink what constitutes waste?

Why Does Fashion Prioritise Planet Over People?

Fashion has made some big swings, and some bold commitments, towards reducing its environmental impact. But supply chain workers are being routinely left out of sustainability strategies. Why does the industry seem to care so much more about materials than it does about the plight of garment workers?

Conversations: Adriana Batty, Co-Founder, ettos

We talk to Co-Founder of ettos, Adriana Batty, about Digital Product Passports (DPPs), mapping supply chains back to fibre sources, and how centralising the product journey in a shared platform can change the way fashion brand make the most meaningful decisions.

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