PLM Conversations: Paul Magel, of CGS

Paul Magel, President, Business Applications & Technology Outsourcing Division at CGS Inc., shares the three big transformations he believes will reshape the fashion industry in the near-future.

PLM Conversations: Andrew Dalziel, of Infor

We talk to Andrew Dalziel, VP Industry & Solution Strategy at Infor, about how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can help retailers and brands automate the repetitive tasks used in product design, development and manufacturing.

PLM Conversations: Jakob Lunøe, of Delogue

We talk to Jakob Lunøe, CEO of Delogue, about how digitialization, value chain transparency, and digital product creation are transforming the day-to-day lives of fashion professionals, and how PLM can support them

Can Fashion Beat The Bullwhip Effect?

Overstock is not a new phenomenon, but against a possible backdrop of excess inventory combined with decreased consumer spending, the problem could become even more pronounced.

Beyond The Metaverse: Shopping In The Alternative Reality

Digital fashion and NFTs have been grabbing headlines, but fashion’s involvement in interactive experiences – in video gaming and beyond – goes even deeper than the Metaverse. Community-integrated commerce, virtual brand experiences, and direct-to-avatar economy; we explore fashion’s interactive future.

PLM Conversations: Bill Brewster Of PTC

We talk to Bill Brewster, SVP & GM, Retail Business Unit for PTC, about how the disruption of the last two years has raised the bar for what brand and retail organisations expect from technology, and how PLM can support retail’s recovery and ongoing digital transformation.

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