MVFW 2023: Managing The Fallout

The dust has now settled after Metaverse Fashion Week ‘23. But the fallout could now be infringing on the very idea of real-time and digital fashion. What, exactly, went wrong? And where can a deeply conflicted idea go from here?

The Real-Time Revolution

From virtual try-on to fully immersive experiences, fashion is fast moving beyond static renders. What does the future of real-time rendering have in store?

Digital Opens Doors

How digital tools opened up new creative horizons and laid down a career path for a designer who found a way into fashion through 3D.

Does Digital Truly Equal Sustainable?

Working in 3D can shorten the development cycle of products dramatically. And digital-only fashion could sidestep the industry’s legacy of overproduction. But does digital working automatically equate to sustainable working? And is digital-only fashion creating a false perception of what comprehensive DPC should really mean?

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