Our Contributors

The Interline is written by a growing roster of fashion technology veterans, emerging voices, and established talents who write elsewhere but go into greater detail for our dedicated fashion technology audience than they do elsewhere.

We are committed to providing an outlet for as many different perspectives on the adoption of technology in the fashion retail industry as possible. The Interline is proud to have a range of different voices speaking through our platform, and we are actively growing our contributor base throughout 2021. If you are interested in writing for The Interline and believe you have the right base of experience, please contact us.

Below are a list of our most frequent junior and senior contributors. Not listed are fashion technology influencers who produce op-eds for The Interline on a regular basis.

Ben Hanson: Editor-In-Chief

Ben has been a fashion technology researcher, writer, analyst, speaker and host for more than a decade.

Today Ben oversees our editorial calendar, writes opinion pieces for The Interline, works with brands on digital transformation advisory services, and hosts industry events worldwide.

Mark Harrop: Board Advisor

For more than four decades, from manufacturing to bleeding-edge software, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of fashion technology.

In writing, on stage, and in his advisory services for multinational brand clients, Mark is recognised for his unmatched fashion technology knowledge. Mark has been instrumental in helping some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.

Marije de Roos: Senior Contributor

Marije de Roos is an independent circular fashion researcher, whose work at the intersection of science, design, and technology is directed towards creating a new paradigm for fashion. With a background as an economist, Marije specialises in interrogating the true state of sustainability, challenging brands to move beyond baseless sustainability statements, and empowering consumers to make better-informed choices.

In her role as the CEO of Positive Fibers, and under the guise of her alter ego ‘The Circular Fashion Detective,’ Marije has been a consistent force for positive change in the industry, and she will apply this same passion to the exclusive content she creates for The Interline.

Muchaneta Kapfunde: Senior Contributor

Muchaneta Kapfunde is a sought-after expert and a firmly-established editorial voice in fashion technology.  A contributor for Vogue Business and Wareable.com, and the founder of FashNerd, her name resounds wherever fashion and technology already merge – and in the places where a merger is overdue.  

As well as speaking on-stage calendar fixtures such as Premier Vision and Pure London, Muchaneta has previously been tapped by LVMH Atelier for her domain knowledge. She is also the second of our new voices to work as an Associate Lecturer at London College of Fashion.

Tiffany Lung: Senior Contributor

Tiffany is a research analyst specialising in Asia retail strategy, technology innovations, and consumer behaviours. Tiffany experience ranges from luxury fashion to mass market, and her analysis also appears in for Forbes, Jing Daily, and other retail industry publications.

Tiffany has also worked with fashion technology hands-on, steering retailers’ digital transformation strategies with the target of totally unified commerce. 

Brooke Roberts-Islam: Senior Contributor

Brooke is an established writer for Forbes, HuffPost, Techstyler, and other fashion industry publications, and her authoritative work draws on her previous careers in medical imaging and knitwear design and innovation.

Brooke joins The Interline as a senior contributor, and her features blend her knowledge of core scientific principles with extensive first-hand experience of fashion design, textile manufacturing, product development and garment production.

Darya Badiei: Junior Contributor

Darya Badiei is a PhD researcher in Fashion Management and Marketing at The University of Manchester. She specialises in consumer behaviour in the sustainable luxury fashion segment, and her work for The Interline will place a special emphasis on new innovations in sustainable materials. 

Darya has also worked hands-on as a product designer and in marketing roles across the fashion, leisure, and interior design industries.

Darya joins The Interline as our first – but certainly not our last – new Junior Contributor this year. Look for exclusive features from her that combine her broad, multi-vertical industry experience with her hyper-focused doctoral research.

Aasia D’Vaz Sterling: Junior Contributor

Aasia joined The Interline in late 2020 as a junior contributor. Her fashion-technology coverage draws on her Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, her degree in Fashion Design Technology, and her role as an Associate Lecturer – all at the London College of Fashion.

Aasia is also an alumna of the University of Cambridge Innovators For Sustainable Fashion accelerator.

Martyn Ewoma

Martyn Ewoma is a creative director, photographer, writer and stylist. His work focuses on the intersections of culture, politics, fashion and sport, and he has worked with world-leading brands
and publications including adidas, Nike, Beats, The Guardian, BBC and more.

He joins The Interline to provide a unique perspective on the evolving cultural role of fashion, and how technology is creating new digital horizons.

Emma Felder-Busztin: Junior Contributor

Emma is a journalist and writer. She writes about how technology is shaping our world and how global trends and patterns will impact the fashion industry.

After completing degrees in English and Law, Emma worked as a business journalist and legal technologist. Now, she is interested in the mechanics of the fashion and beauty industries, and the intersection between fashion business and artificial intelligence.