Son of a Tailor takes the next step on its mission to reengineer clothing to deliver for all parties. Founded in Copenhagen in 2014, the D2C company has established itself as an innovator in menswear by pioneering a tech-driven made-to-order model.

Founder and CEO Jess Fleischer about its approach, “We believe that the clothing industry can and must be better for customers, garment workers, and the planet. Made to Order is an extremely effective way to do just that”.

Son of a Tailor’s made-to-order model:

● Eliminates overproduction for the planet.
● Ensures accountability for clothing industry employees with a 100% traceable supply
● Offers perfect fit for customers via the proprietary Perfect Fit Algorithm – so far, for more than 130,000 men from all over the world.

On 8th March, 2022, the company reveals its rebranding that puts mission and supply chain center stage. “Our ambition is to change the clothing industry on a system level. They key? The supply chain. Traditionally, this isn’t the sexiest topic so we decided to address it heads on, putting it at the heart of the brand. We need to make supply chain sexy to reach the mainstream. Over the last year, we have gone on an internal journey to sharpen our point of view and our visual identity to reflect what we are working on every day. Of course, we make perfect fit garments. But more importantly, we supply change.”