This summer, The Interline and the expert team at Informa Markets Fashion and SOURCING at MAGIC will be showcasing fashion technology in action, to mark the beginning of a new live event partnership for North America. The partnership combines the specialized expertise of the leading technology magazine for fashion professionals, with the international audience and deep process knowledge behind the milestone fashion sourcing event.

As their first joint initiative, The Interline will host and curate the new, technology-focused live SOURCE Lounge concept at SOURCING at MAGIC, which runs from August 7th through 10th,, 2022, in Las Vegas, USA. Free to attend for the multinational brand, manufacturing, and supply chain delegates that have already made SOURCING at MAGIC a fixture in their travel calendars, the SOURCE Lounge will build on the educational content SOURCING at MAGIC is already know for, with an additional programme of technology-focused collaborative talks, topic breakdowns, demonstrations by technology exhibitors, and teaching sessions.

Registrations for the event, which includes access to the new SOURCE Lounge community, are open now.

Fashion’s transformation journey has been fast-tracked. From the rapid emergence of the Metaverse to stark reminders of the risks of global sourcing and the changing nature of retail, decades’ worth of change has been compressed into just a few seasons. To keep up, technology for fashion has shifted gears: from discussing to doing, across 3D, sustainability, digital materials, and much more,” says Ben Hanson, Editor-in-Chief of The Interline.

To help service that new drive towards digital ways of working, we are thrilled to be partnering with the SOURCING at MAGIC team to bring fashion technology to life for audiences who are looking for practical guidance on how to make it work for them.

When owning and operating a business in today’s fast paced world, you cannot escape the immersion of technology. Digital innovations influence all sectors of fashion from sourcing materials, design, and product management to production, sales and sustainability. The comforts of our past and present are being transformed and replaced by an evolution of traceability, transparency, efficiency, and extended reality. SOURCING at MAGIC is proud to introduce you to a whole new network of partners that will help you grow, evolve and scale by providing you tomorrow’s solutions, today,” says Andreu David, Vice President, SOURCING at MAGIC.

The Interline will also participate in a main-stage education session focused on interpreting the Metaverse for fashion brands, with Ben Hanson supporting Dr. Eric S. Ackerman, VP of Commercial Technologies at Perry Ellis International – a first-mover into the Metaverse – in guiding business towards a new digital horizon.

Are you a technology vendor or service provider interested in being represented at the SOURCE Lounge this August, or at a future event in North America? Contact The Interline, the SOURCING at MAGIC team, or learn more about SOURCING at MAGIC today!