Later this year, The Interline will publish its first detailed, downloadable report focused entirely on digital product creation (DPC). Like all content from The Interline (including The PLM Report 2022), this fashion DPC report will be completely free to read, and driven by the questions, concerns, and priorities of real fashion professionals who are putting the pieces of long-term digital transformation strategies into place today.

Supported by SOURCING at MAGIC – the milestone, twice-yearly industry event that The Interline has partnered with to showcase fashion technology in action live in Las Vegas – the inaugural DPC report will include:

  • A raft of exclusive editorial content, discussions, and opinion pieces from leaders in digital product creation – from brands, technology innovators, academia, analysts, and influencers across the apparel, footwear, and accessories value chain.
  • Profiles of the technology vendors that matter in 3D design and simulation, digital materials, real-time and offline rendering, virtual photography, body data and virtual try-on, digital fashion and the Metaverse, and other applications that extend the value of products that were born digitally.
  • A benchmark of the progress the fashion industry has made towards the vision for creating the majority of styles natively in 3D, and our analysis of where digital product creation is headed in both the near and longer-term future.

All of this will be packaged into a single downloadable report, and made available to readers of The Interline, their colleagues, customers, and suppliers, with no strings attached – in November 2022.

Announcing the first fashion DPC report, available for download, for free, from The Interline in November 2022.

For our brand readers, the upcoming DPC Report will provide a sense-check of what’s possible within the broad DPC ecosystem today, a guide to getting started with 3D, and a well-reasoned roadmap for just how vast the possibility space for digital-native future fashion workflows is – from making better physical products, to exploring all-digital business models.

Keep watching The Interline for further announcements as we get closer to the release date of the report, later this year.

For our technology audience, the Report will present a unique picture of the DPC landscape, and will spotlight the role that individual vendors play in contributing to a fashion industry that is destined to become more agile, more sustainable, more creative, more connected, and more tightly-integrated with the real-time, immersive future of consumer engagement and commerce.

We will be contacting technology vendors from across the DPC ecosystem very soon. To get ahead of the curve, get in touch with The Interline via email today to learn whether your company can participate in The DPC Report, and if so, how you can showcase your part in what is arguably the fashion industry’s most active digital transformation area.

To learn more about The Interline’s partnership with SOURCING at MAGIC, read our announcement, explore our editorial collaboration that examines how far the future of fashion is being influenced by technology, or sign up for a future live event to see various components of the DPC ecosystem (alongside other vital fashion technology) in action!