Join The Interline, Adobe, and Cotton Incorporated on 28th September at 3PM London (4PM Paris; 10AM New York) for an exclusive workshop dedicated to exploring new frontiers in digital material creation and use. Registration is free, and remains open until the 27th.

In light of the fashion industry’s rapid move towards large-scale digital product creation, digital materials matter more than ever. The fabrics that make up our garments have always been a critical component of the design, development, and sourcing cycle, but the disruption of COVID placed a sudden, sharp emphasis on fashion’s ability to create using digital fabrics and to source physical materials reliably and sustainably in a changed market. 

Now the industry faces a new challenge: creating a clear pathway from the power to experiment with virtual materials, to the practicalities of bringing those designs to life in physical end products, at scale.

Next Wednesday, 28th September, a free workshop from The Interline will showcase a new, hybrid workflow designed to bridge the gap between digital and physical materials, and intended to directly address the bottleneck of material creation by bringing together the best of procedural and scan-based workflows.

Piloted by Adobe Substance 3D and Cotton Incorporated in a new material collection, this new workflow marries the flexibility and creative potential of parametric digital materials with the confidence of material scanning, setting a template for material digitisation without compromises to speed, scale, flexibility, creativity, or capability.

The workshop will include both structured and open discussions around the past, present, and future of digital materials, as well as a live demonstration of the hybrid workflow behind the Cotton Incorporated and Adobe Substance 3D collection.

The live session will run for one hour on Wednesday, 28th September, starting at:

  • 3PM London (BST)
  • 4PM Paris (CEST)
  • 10AM New York (EDT)
  • 7AM San Francisco (PDT)

Across the live demonstration and open discussion, the workshop will feature perspectives from:

Katherine Absher

Katherine is the digital product creation specialist for Cotton Incorporated, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cotton through research and marketing.

Pauline Boiteux

Pauline is a Technical Artist on the Substance 3D Assets team, with particular experience in the areas of procedural fabrics and innovative patterns.

Ben Hanson

Ben Hanson is the Editor-in-Chief of The Interline – a technology publication for fashion professionals, written by industry experts, and read by brands, retailers, and supply chain businesses around the world.

Nicolas Paulhac

Nicolas is Head of Content for the 3D assets library for Substance at Adobe. He is also an industrial designer with over a decade of experience working with materials and manufacturing processes at global brands like Nokia, Microsoft, Acer and Hager group.

Register today to hear these industry experts share their points of view on the importance of digital materials, how the fashion industry can evolve its processes to maximise the value of them, and how digital product creation is reshaping the future of fashion.