As part of its longstanding commitment to innovation in the era in which physical and digital have broken down their boundaries, PINKO fosters its brand values by embracing the Web3: a collective evolution in experiences between brands, creators, and consumers.

MetaLoveBags is the name of the project that brings Pinko’s legacy to the next level.
To demonstrate the merge of digital and physical world, Pinko will release the NFT collection thanks to an immersive experience hitting flagship stores in Spring Street New York and Milano Montenapoleone. Special displays will grant to consumers the opportunity to perceive the beauty of the 3D artworks as they were for real.

Love Bag is Pinko’s icon. But a bag is also a container ats its essence.
MetaLoveBags expand the usage of this kind of accessory bringing it into the digital world.
So the content opens to a “metaphysical” dimension. Different objects and shapes repeat and distribute, recreating the iconic shape of Love Bag, metaphorically held together, and contained by the two love birds. The elements derive from pop culture, even though it’s a transgressive choice of pop icons putting the overacting spirit of Pinko inside the design.

“This is the very first drop to the public, a blueprint for Pinko’s metaverse” declares Pietro Negra CEO of PINKO “following lot of hype and after crossing turbulent waves, we foresee a future for NFTs to become a tokenized symbol of brand’s belonging.” Three out of twelve unique pieces from the digital collections were showcased but never sold to the public. “Buying one of the iconic MetaLoveBags from the first collection, a very special selection of customers will have the opportunity to be upon the founder of the upcoming Pinko community and join us into the creation of future experiences into the metaverse” concludes Negra.

Benefits include early access to future NFT drops from the brand, exclusive VIC role on the Pinko community to be launched in 2023 and special participation to private sales or event.

As part of Pinko’s mission to develop unique products with the goal to inspire women to play bold, Pinko hopes to bring its creativity into the virtual landscape by introducing and immersing its supporters in the next generation of brand engagement through the metaverse.