As the engine behind everything from more efficient, cost-effective product development, to headline-grabbing Metaverse and cross-media collaborations, 3D and digital product creation (DPC) really defined 2022 in fashion. But with a new year now firmly underway, how much progress did the industry really make towards its all-encompassing vision for DPC, and what do the next three quarters of 2023 have in store?

To tackle those questions and more, this episode features a conversation between our Editor, Ben Hanson, and Alison Coddaire. Alison is a DPC lead at Kalypso, and is one of several experts who’ve helped establish the practice as one of the leading digital product creation consultancies in the retail industry.

This episode of The Interline Podcast is also sponsored by Kalypso, who are known for breaking through the barriers of digital transformation, helping clients to build DPC ecosystems, and working to accelerate the digital strategies of brands and retailers, no matter their current maturity level.

As they have in previous years, Kalypso is running a DPC survey for 2023, designed to assess the fashion and retail industry’s ambitions for digital product creation, and to benchmark its maturity. After an explosion of interest in DPC last year, the industry is now entering a period of steady scaling, expansion, and extension that will extend across the wider enterprise, and Kalypso’s survey is intended to capture and analyse the shape and scope of that evolution. Interested in taking part? Pre-register here.

Listen now:

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Our next episode, which examines the secondary market, circularity, and the hidden role of technology and AI in scaling new business models, will be released very soon. In the meantime, you can find key talking points from Episode 8 below.

Key talking points:

With the first quarter of 2023 now coming to a close, but there being no end in sight for uncertainty, the fashion and retail industry is looking to digital product creation (and overall digital transformation) as a way to mitigate the impact on ongoing challenges, to seize new opportunities, and to lay the groundwork for copying with the unforeseen.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What external forces influenced fashion’s adoption of technology in 2022.
  • How the growing adoption rate of 3D and digital product creation tools and ecosystems is (and isn’t) translating into industry-wide capabilities and maturity.
  • How regional trends and supply chain relationships are shaping the future of digital asset creation.
  • What’s happening with brands’ and retailers’ self-reported levels of DPC maturity, and where is the industry investing most heavily in expansion?
  • Which persistent forces from 2022 will shape the rest of this year, and what new market and geopolitical pressures are emerging in 2023.

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