April 13th, 2023 – Save Your Wardrobe has relaunched its website to further strengthen its mission to extend the life cycle of clothing. The website aims to provide users an improved service booking platform for aftercare services, along with comprehensive aftercare advice and upskilling techniques. The new website also serves as a resource for brands wishing to incorporate aftercare solutions in their offering, honouring the company’s commitment to driving systemic change with a pioneering aftercare solution.

At the intersection of fashion and circularity, the overproduction of clothing, combined with a culture of overconsumption cultivated over the past few decades has resulted in an exorbitant amount of waste. Through its brand partnerships, including those with Zalando and Hugo Boss, Save Your Wardrobe continues to reduce landfill waste, increase garment longevity and promote sustainable consumption.

SYW’s digitally enabled platform for aftercare services allows brands to deepen their relationship with consumers and make circularity a planetary and business imperative. The tech platform presents brands with an array of adaptable customer facing experiences from physical in-store ones, to digital booking for care and repair services. Brands plugging in SYW’s unique platform can choose to fully integrate it or personalise it to meet their customers’ needs.

SYW’s latest partnership with Showfields, a New York-based retail concept store built to engage customers through immersive experiences, showcases the tech start-up’s in-store repair solution for brands. Honouring its mission to go global while staying local, Save Your Wardrobe thoroughly vetted and onboarded local specialists to carry out aftercare services within Showfields’ retail space. This partnership extends SYW’s circular mission to support existing local providers and small businesses across the Atlantic.

The company’s stringent vetting process ensures customers and brands are provided expert high quality care and repair services. Using an evaluation process that the startup has honed while working with service providers across the United Kingdom and Germany, they check for high quality output and sustainability in the types of products used for cleaning and how they are disposed of. “There is a thorough analysis of service providers,” says Hansa Kourda, founder of Save Your Wardrobe. “Only eco-friendly and ethical service providers become our partners. We have an audit as a first step, which includes visiting the businesses in person, followed by an extensive service testing stage. Our circular model for aftercare supports existing local providers and small businesses, especially in a post-pandemic climate.”

Save Your Wardrobe supports local small businesses by adapting their processes to a more digitally friendly environment, attracting new customer segments and demographics while conserving the important craftsmanship and skills of clothing care.

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