Are You Ready to Move from Design to Eco Design?

Improve Compliance Through All Stages of the Product Development Process.

As environmental preservation continues to be a priority for fashion, brands are challenged to put sustainability into everyday practice.

Eco design, also known as sustainable design, starts at product ideation. Instead of adjusting a design to be sustainable as it is developed, eco design embeds sustainability at the concept stage. Eco design focuses on creating products, processes, and systems that minimise environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. Products begin with end of life in mind.

On Tuesday July 4th (12PM CEST) at Premiere Vision Paris (Hall 6 PV Hub) Pivot88’s Industry Expert and Account Manager Blaise Desoblin will reveal how True Product Traceability from Eco Design to Recycle is made possible by Pivot88’s AI and Geo Location technology, key differentiators in their supply chain PAAS.

To comply with new regulations and legal mandates, apparel and footwear brands like Nike, Adidas, The Gap, Under Armour, Hugo Boss and Oakley, rely on Pivot88 to ensure their supply chains are transparent and resilient. This data can also be used to assess product LifeCycle Assessment (LCA) environmental score.

For three years, performance wear brand Oakley has been a pioneer in improved product innovation and sustainability through the use of Pivot88’s platform. Now their supply chain is providing accurate sustainability and product testing data to inform product designers before they begin a new collection or season.

“We call this our cycle of continuous improvement,” explains Stephan Boivin, Pivot88 CEO and co-founder. “What’s the point of collecting data just to prove you’re sustainable? Of course that’s important and in some parts of the world a legal requirement, but using data to inform and transform the next iteration of product is so much more powerful! Legal compliance becomes BAU instead of a challenge, and true collaboration from Tier 1 to Tier x of your supply chain is empowered.”

With more than 14 years supply chain management experience, and a deep understanding of sustainability legal requirements, Pivot88 is uniquely positioned to guide businesses through an eco design transformative journey, not only at the product level but at the raw material level as well.

On Wednesday July 5th (4pm CEST Hall 6 Talks Area) Pivot88’s Traceability and Environmental Textile Expert Philippe Rodzinski will join The Interline Editor-in-Chief Ben Hanson to discuss The Future of Supply Chain Connectivity, Collaboration and Resilience.

“For many brands, just mapping chain of custody is difficult,” Rodzinski explains. “A single platform with data verified by AI and Geo Location tracking managed at the source from the raw materials onward is game changing.”

Adidas, Hugo Boss, Oakley, The Gap and Under Armour trust Pivot88 to de-risk their supply chains. And their factories do too! That’s because we understand your evolving challenges as you continue to navigate through an ambiguous future. We lead a digital revolution with technology that transforms by putting your consumer at the center of your supply chain.

Powered by AI, Pivot88’s turnkey PAAS can be configured to aggregate your data to provide real time actionable insights empowering you to solve the significant and important challenges our industry faces today:

  • Supply chain resilience, transparency & sustainability
  • Multi-tier supply chain visibility, traceability & collaboration – Tier 1 to Tier X
  • New & ever-evolving legislative mandates
  • CSR & supplier compliance
  • Real time chain of custody mapping
  • Quality, lab tracking & inspection
  • On time performance (OTIF) & booking compliance

We know technology is not enough. We understand how hard it is to work differently and build meaningful relationships with suppliers and vendors. We share best practice and thought leadership to ensure you trust and connect with your supply chain partners to create certainty in a time of uncertainty.

Co-Founders: Stephan Boivin, CEO; Isabelle Pilon, COO