A digitally designed hoodie by a neurologically-diverse 11-year pupil was the highlight during PhygitalTwin’s catwalk this week at Blockdown Festival. The winning design by George Champ was created using PhygitalTwin’s 3D design tools, allowing anyone to be an on-demand fashion designer. The prize was to have the 3D design printed on-demand at a micro-factory in London and then transported to the catwalk fashion show in Portugal for the revolutionary Web3 creative fashion house, PhygitalTwin. 

“My son has never won an art prize or an academic award”, says George’s mum, Annabel Champ. “George has ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia and slow processing; as a result, struggles to write and draw. By using the 3D technology involved, it has levelled the playing field for George. Winning this competition has given him so much invaluable confidence”.

The “Sustainable Fashion Project”, pioneered by the Wakelet, Mircrosoft 365, Sir David Amess Children’s Parliament (www.childrensparliament.co.uk), aims to educate children on reducing waste within the fashion industry. Interim Children’s Parliament Prime Minister Harry Acheampong was on hand to bestow George with the winning prize. Giving a chilling speech, the British Ghanaian Harry warned of the waste within the fashion industry, the second biggest polluter, and revealed how Ghana had become a ‘dumping ground’. “On-demand production is the way forward to eliminate over-production,” he said.

“Our goal is to make it easy for creators to monetise from the sale of digital and physical assets”, says Louise Laing, the Founder of PhygitalTwin. This project has done just that. The outfit is now live on PhygitalTwin’s marketplace, with revenues from digital and physical products going to George and the “Music Man Project”, a charity which uses musical therapy to help children with learning disabilities. The digital design will be available for sale on Roblox on Monday, the 17th of July. 

George was one of 40 Year 6 students who worked with new customisation tech tool. A month in the making, the children created all their original artwork before uploading it to the 3D platform. Headmaster of Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School, Carl Howes, said, “It was incredible to see the high quality of the work produced; we are very proud of what the children achieved.”

Mary Fellowes, ex-Vogue and a pioneering fashion sustainability consultant along with two Fashion editors, Jayne Pickering, and Amanda Eliasch unanimously selected George’s work for modernity and boldness of his design.

Mary Fellowes said “I was particularly enchanted by Georges’s work because of the combination of primary colours and graphics, juxtaposed with the charm of his hand-drawn figures. A 21st-century streety sportswear take on Jean-Michel Basquiat who is one of my favourite artists and was a close friend and collaborator with my first mentor Isabella Blow”

“Given how bad fashion’s footprint is, what is really interesting to see is how the next-gen of changemakers are able to experiment digitally with fashion and self-expression but without the heavy costs to people and planet that is associated with the production of fashion products. Even though there is a footprint and emissions associated with digital activity, it is too early to do a life cycle analysis to understand what the true comparison is, nonetheless, it’s a great way for younger, curious, creative, digital natives to engage and interact with the power of fashion before rushing out to spend their pocket money on affordable fashion”. Mary Fellowes.

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We believe that every child has the right to learn how to think critically (regardless of the topic) and are capable of coming up with creative solutions to some of our pressing problems of today.

We believe that children have a unique way of looking at the world and that they can help solve big issues like protecting our planet. The impact that this national Parliament can have knows no bounds. We exist for all corners of our country: North, East, South and West. Nobody will be excluded.

The world we grow up in must be safe, fair, and sustainable. From issues like what we grow and how we grow it, to clean water and alleviating child poverty.  We want you to know what our Parliament thinks.

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We are making fast fashion extinct, by helping gamers, creators and brands analyse in digital form first  before producing sustainably on-demand, reducing waste. We are using the same agile concept of forecasting trends and working close to the market that turned companies like Zara into a global fashion brands but for the creator generation.

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