London, September 20, 2023– PhygitalTwin, the trailblazing sustainable fashion marketplace, has sparked a fashion revolution at Digital Fashion Week London by bringing to life the exceptional digital creations of two visionary digital designers. This ground-breaking event, hosted at the prestigious Epic Games London Innovation Lab, signifies a pivotal moment at the crossroads of art, technology, and fashion.

Digital Fashion Week London, which unfolded on September 15th and 16th, 2023, transcended traditional boundaries in the fashion industry by seamlessly blending the digital and physical realms. It served as an exceptional platform for emerging digital fashion brands to shine.

blancdeblanc x phygitaltwin

For this momentous occasion, PhygitalTwin collaborated with visionary digital designer BlancDeBlanc. Her ‘Breeze of Birth’ debut capsule collection, which gracefully concluded the runway presentation left the audience in awe with its stunning, fresh colour palette. From vibrant lime greens to soothing dusty pinks, each piece embodies the essence of Spring’s rebirth painting a vivid picture of renewal. 

Julia Blanc, the talented digital designer based in Ukraine, expressed her gratitude, saying, “This has been an amazing experience, and I’m incredibly thankful to PhygitalTwin for making it happen. It’s a dream come true and better than I could have imagined. While I couldn’t be there in person due to my location in Ukraine, PhygitalTwin brought my designs to life on the London catwalk.”

Stepping onto the runway with equal brilliance, British digital artist Stephy Fung shared, “My style is a fusion of streetwear and traditional Chinese elements, inspired by the beauty of winter at the time. I’m honoured to showcase this collection, and I owe a huge thanks to my partnership with PhygitalTwin; they helped me bring this dream to life. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Stephy Fungy X Phygitaltwin

Clare Tattersall, founder of Digital Fashion Week, offered her thoughts on the event, stating, “London has always been a hub of creativity, and there is very exciting emerging talent here. We have designers from around the world showcasing their phygital designs on the runway, but uniquely we have PhygitalTwin, a tech startup producing luxury fashion locally, who has partnered with Blanc de Blanc and Stephy Fung to bring their digital designs to life in local factories. This is really a window into the future of what is possible in digital and traditional fashion.”

PhygitalTwin, the pioneering sustainable fashion marketplace, introduces a game-changing solution tailored to the needs of innovators/ creators and digital designers. By championing sustainability, PhygitalTwin uses neutral fabrics and a waterless pigment printing process to reduce environmental impact. Beyond sustainability, this approach significantly cuts costs, providing  designers with affordable access to fashion collections of their own creation. It also creates lucrative opportunities for them to monetize their talents, transforming their digital visions into real-world fashion.

BlancDeBlanc’s collection is set to debut live during Paris Fashion Week on September 29, 2023, at Monnier Paris from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. This collection will be available for immediate purchase, embodying a shift from mass production to mass personalization.

blancdeblanc x phygitaltwin

“As sizing and returns continue to challenge retailers, we’re embracing mass personalization,” said Louise Laing, founder of PhygitalTwin. “For this limited edition, we’ll sell 30 bespoke pieces, each made to your unique measurements and printed on-demand, promoting sustainability, reducing returns, and minimizing waste.

About PhygitalTwin

PhygitalTwin is the leading platform empowering creators to bring their designs to life in the physical world while prioritizing sustainability.

About BlancDeBlanc

BlancDeBlanc is a renowned visionary digital designer celebrated for her innovative style.

About Stephy Fung

Stephy Fung, the influential British digital artist, combines streetwear and traditional Chinese elements in her designs, inspired by the beauty of winter.

About Digital Fashion Week

Digital Fashion Week London transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly blending digital and physical fashion realms, showcasing emerging talent from around the world.

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