Celebrated fashion designer Jayne Pierson captivated the audience at London Fashion Week with her latest collection encompassing a blend of Celtic mythology, sustainable fashion, and cutting-edge direct-to-textile 3D printing technology from Stratasys. In a spectacular showcase of creativity and innovation, this collection not only pushed the boundaries of fashion but also underscored the importance of sustainability and ethical practices in the industry.

The Ceridwen collection, inspired by Celtic mythology and the Mabinogion, offered a glimpse into a world of enchantment and transformation. At its heart lies the character of Ceridwen, the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. PIERSON’s collection beautifully weaves together elements of myth, folklore, and history, redefining fashion as a medium for storytelling. Deep rooted in inspiration, the collection exuded organic shapes derive from nature, culminating in a range of iridescent components that served as amulets adorning the garments.

Key to the success of the collection was PIERSON’s strategic partnership with leading additive solutions provider, Stratasys, and the company’s unique direct-to-textile 3DFashion™ technology. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology allowed for the creation of unique and wearable pieces that seamlessly integrated 3D printed elements into the fabric of the designs. This pioneering approach brought a whole new dimension to the fashion landscape, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of Stratasys 3DFashion™ direct-to-textile 3D printing technology in the industry.

Maintaining her signature style while keeping her designs fresh and imaginative was a priority for PIERSON. Her brand values, including stylistic longevity, quality, originality, and a commitment to ethical and socially responsible practices, served as guiding principles throughout the creative process. The collection incorporated fabrics made from ocean plastic waste and end-of-rolls, turning discarded materials into modern-day ‘armour’, symbolizing Celtic magic and the celebration of individuality.

Inclusivity was another cornerstone of the Ceridwen collection. Pierson emphasized that every garment is entirely bespoke and made to order, accommodating diverse body types and identities, reflecting the brand’s dedication to celebrating individuality.

With London Fashion Week already synonymous with creativity and originality, Jayne Pierson’s collection added a new dimension to the event. Her unique use of Stratasys 3D printing technology, sustainability at the core of the collection, and a commitment to producing in limited editions rather than scale made a powerful statement about the future of fashion.

The collection also carried a message of empowerment, drawing inspiration from Ceridwen, the shape-shifting enchantress who symbolizes determination and the ability to become anything one aspires to be.

Collaboration has always been integral to the fashion industry, and for this collection, Jayne Pierson partnered with nuForj as Project Manager, Boadicea The Victorious perfumes and Ffineyewear, enhancing the overall experience of the runway show with captivating soundtracks and choreography.

The soundtrack was a collaboration with Oscar-winning musical engineer, mixer and producer Nick Wollage, best known for his work on How to Train Your Dragon and Stranger Things.

In closing, Jayne Pierson’s Ceridwen collection has set a new standard for sustainable and innovative fashion. Her commitment to ethical practices, unique partnerships, and storytelling through fashion demonstrates the potential for brands to thrive while maintaining a deep sense of responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants.   

About Stratasys

Stratasys is a global leader in developing and providing 3D printing solutions for a multitude of different industry sectors. A breakthrough technology in direct-to-textile printing, the company’s unique 3DFashion™ 3D printing technology enables designers to reimagine what’s possible by adhering full-colour, translucent, rigid, and flexible materials directly onto textiles and garments. With 3DFashion™ 3D printing technology, designers have the means to open up unlimited possibilities to introduce entirely new attention-grabbing designs and fantastic optical illusionary effects on garments, footwear and luxury accessories. 

About Jayne Pierson

Since 2010, award-winning (ASVOFF) Jayne Pierson has aimed for circularity and transparency through stylistic longevity and a quality over quantity, re-use ethos. Our focus is on creating ethically minded ‘slow’ fashion that celebrates craftsmanship and explores fashion in a socially responsible way. At Jayne Pierson the focus is on commissions and producing truly individual pieces made to client specifications. As a go-to designer for stylists looking for unique pieces, Jayne Pierson specialises in creating performance clothing for musicians, dressing celebrities and clients for events, and producing specially commissioned garments and accessories for photo shoots and films. 

About nuForj

nuForj is an Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Advisory boutique that provides exceptional guidance and consulting for its clients as to how they can best use cutting-edge technologies such as 3D Printing, Robotics, A.I., Generative Design, the Industrial Internet of Things, Metaverse, etc. to create sources of alternative revenue, fabrication capabilities and project/program management to expand their organizations into new market opportunities.

About Travis Fitch

Travis Fitch is a New York-based architect, artist, 3D designer, and educator. His work explores the intersection of spatial design, traditional craft, computational geometry, and 3D printing technologies.   His designs have been exhibited at Cooper Hewitt, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, MFA Boston, and Mana Contemporary, and reside in the special collection of The University of Manchester. Collaborations with threeAsfour and Kaimin have appeared in NYFW and received press coverage in Vogue, Dezeen, and more. Travis earned a B.Arch at Cornell University before joining Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and has since independently overseen multiple residential and commercial projects.