Against a shifting geopolitical backdrop, sourcing strategies in fashion and retail are evolving to mitigate risk, increase speed and efficiency, help control costs and unlock sustainability, and generally provide stability at a time of peak uncertainty.

But while every brand and retail organisation faces common challenges, the processes, strategies, and technology solutions they use to overcome them – and to seize new possibilities – are unique to every business.

So, in the final quarter of 2023, The Interline is running an open survey to capture our readers’ opinions of the state of global apparel, fashion, and consumer goods supply chain and sourcing strategies, and the technology solutions that are designed to support them. Once the survey is closed, we will be reporting on the aggregate findings in partnership with Bamboo Rose, to create an open, objective benchmark of how sourcing and supply chain objectives and the solutions designed to support them are (and are not) aligning.

You can take part in the survey using the button below, or as an embedded form by scrolling down this page.

This survey is open to brands and retailers around the world, and all responses are anonymous. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and does not require you to part with any personal details; an optional email address field is provided at the point of submitting your answers, for anyone who would like to be contacted about the findings of this survey.

Surveys can be saved and resumed, so readers should feel free to complete their responses in multiple parts. The survey has been split into sections to facilitate this.

Complete the embedded survey:

Thank you for taking the time to provide your anonymous perspective. It will help to shape an objective picture of the realities of supply chain strategies, sourcing practices, sustainability, and the technology ecosystem that caters to those challenges.

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