[Tel Aviv, 23 October 2023] – virtuality.fashion Ltd, a pioneering 3D as a Service since 2016, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI platform. This innovative platform is designed to create lifelike digital models and outfit them in 3D virtual clothing, revolutionizing the fashion industry. 

Leveraging its extensive expertise in 3D Virtualization at Scale, virtuality.fashion offers the fashion industry a game-changing solution seamlessly integrated into the Digital Product Creation process. This transformational technology enables a seamless transition from 2D designs to e-commerce-ready images without the need for physical fabric production or the challenges of time-consuming photoshopping. 

Amnon Shalev, the CEO and founder of virtuality.fashion, expressed his excitement about the company’s latest endeavor: “Artificial intelligence is the natural next step for us. We aim to empower fashion brands and designers to accelerate the launch of their collections, minimize physical sample production, and reduce carbon footprint.” 

The AI-powered humanlike models generated by virtuality.fashion’s platform can effortlessly fit 3D garments created by clients or generated by the company’s globally renowned team of 3D Technical Fashion Designers, disregarding the virtual model pose or body shape. 

About virtuality.fashion (www.virtuality.fashion):

Established in 2016, virtuality.fashion has been at the forefront of offering 3D Virtualization as a service at scale. The company has developed a virtual showroom and a unique workflow that supports the rapid virtualization of fashion, making it e-commerce-ready. 

For more information about virtuality.fashion Ltd and its cutting-edge AI platform, please visit www.virtuality.fashion