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Retail’s Most Widely-Used PLM Platform. By Far.

PTC leads the world in fashion and retail PLM, with significantly more active users than any other retail PLM vendor. More than 1,200 brand and retail businesses have already used PTC FlexPLM to transform their in-house processes, and to collaborate seamlessly with their suppliers, taking advantage of FlexPLM’s unmatched reach into the international supply chain.

Today, more than 250,000 users worldwide trust FlexPLM with their strategic digital transformation objectives and their end-to-end digital workflows. FlexPLM is proven at multinational enterprise scale, across every product category from technical footwear to luxury apparel, with securityscalability and performance that measure up to the expectations of the most demanding retail businesses.

To meet the needs of iconic brands and household names in retail, PTC has invested heavily in cutting-edge research and development to ensure that FlexPLM is the industry’s most feature-rich PLM platform. This commitment has earned recognition from leading analysts:

PTC FlexPLM performs for world-class companies like:

When retail and brand customers select PTC, they stay with us. Our existing customers install more new PLM licenses in a year than other PLM vendors have implemented in their entire lifespans. And prior to the launch of the revolutionary new FlexPLM V12, our industry-leading upgrade program had seen many customers upgraded to modern versions of FlexPLM – giving them an onramp to new features and cutting-edge innovations.

Speaking about their decision to standardize on the FlexPLM platform for all of their footwear and apparel brands, Stephanie Anetrella, Senior Manager, Digital Product Creation at VF Corporation explained:

FlexPLM V12: A New Chapter in Fashion and Retail PLM.

The fashion, apparel, and consumer goods industries have faced historic disruption, compounded by longstanding challenges and market pressures. Commercialization cycles have been compressed, complex global supply chains have been stretched to breaking point, and digital-native consumers dictate the speed of demand across a shifting network of channels.

PTC FlexPLM V12, with its new, modern, highly visual, and fully responsive user experience is a landmark release of retail’s most widely-used PLM platform, and is an essential part of bringing together what we call the digital thread – an end-to-end flow of connected, best-in-class solutions, from concept design to production and beyond, to accelerate product development and to enable  brand and retail businesses to work@digitalspeed. The core capabilities of FlexPLM have been road-tested and proven by the huge household names who have made it the heart of their product lifecycles.

Built for digital product creation, remote access and collaboration supporting the new post-pandemic way of working, FlexPLM V12 introduces several new features:

  • An easy to use, eComm-like user interface puts critical processes, data, imagery, and actionable insights at user’s fingertips. Personalization features improve efficiency, while faster navigation and responsive layouts automatically adapt to almost any device and screen size, keeping users connected wherever they are.
  • V12 includes industry-first 3D collaboration features, enabling companies to effortlessly scale their use of 3D assets across the value chain. Best-in-class, bi-directional integrations with leading 3D design tools provide an end-to-end digital product creation workflow, giving all users across all organizations access to review and collaborate on 3D assets.
  • And Visual Line Collaboration capabilities, give brand and retail businesses a turnkey solution for digitizing their line review processes and making them fit for the world of remote working and collaboration, as well as empowering them to make smarter forecasting and merchandising decisions, cutting line review preparation from weeks to hours.

Integrations and Innovations.

Built on PTC’s enterprise-grade IoT platform ThingWorx, the ThingWorx Retail Connector (TRC) enables FlexPLM users to quickly integrate the different business systems and solutions that make up their technology ecosystems.

Using the TRC, FlexPLM links seamlessly to planning solutions, ERP and financial systems, and virtually any other business solution – all without the need for costly customization. This flexibility and speed have allowed FlexPLM customers to rapidly unlock the value of digital transformation, enabling seamless information flow and collaboration between FlexPLM and other systems that support product development.

Unlocking the Value of AI & AR.

FlexPLM V12 is the only retail PLM platform to come with intuitive, user-configurable AI and machine learning capabilities built-in. In the face of constant uncertainty, brand and retail businesses need to sharpen their competitive edge, and FlexPLM provides the tools to help them react instantly to change, with smart insights and real-time analytics at users’ fingertips.

We have also built on FlexPLM’s class-leading integration to 3D design tools to create an environment that allows our customers to take their 3D assets to the next level, and build complete digital product creation to eCommerce workflows. From range-building and in-house review to immersive consumer-facing experiences, FlexPLM’s augmented reality support delivers on the vision of digital-native design, development, and commercialization.

Connect with Us.

The PTC Retail team has experts on the ground in every major fashion hub worldwide, who stand ready to help brands, retailers, and suppliers make the most of the game-changing innovations in the latest version of FlexPLM, and to seize the opportunities offered by technologies like 3D, AR, and AI through our Retail Digital Thread Platform.

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