• Web : https://www.linctex.com/
  • Address : Style3D Europe. Louizalaan 65
  • City : Brussels
  • Country : Belgium
  • ZIP / Post Code : 1050
  • Primary Telephone : +86 17683284823
  • Email : eu@style3d.com
  • Supplier Profile : Founded in 2015, Style3D is a leading digital solution provider in the global fashion industry. Style3D has built a digital fashion infrastructure by utilizing its own soft-tissue engine as the base technology, industrial-level software and 3D design integration and collaboration platform. At present, from fabric measurement, simulation design, design review, online modification to visual effect display, Style3D provides a complete digital solution for different businesses in the fashion industry and has served thousands of fashion companies worldwide.

Core Products

Style3D Studio

Digital design software built completely from the ground up with the breakthrough soft-tissue engine, industry-leading GPU & CPU, and hyper-realistic rendering results.

Style3D Fabric

A one-stop solution for the textile industry from fabric scanning & physical property measurement devices, and digital fabric software to cloud-based collaboration.

Style3D Cloud

An innovative cloud-based collaboration tool catering to the needs of the entire fashion industry, including 3D light design, pattern review, 3D alterations, cloud-based workflows, product displays, virtual merchandising, and cross-function assets utilization.

Style3D Marketplace

A 3D digital asset bank with tens of thousands actively updated digital assets dedicated to various fashion applications, ranging from design, and pattern making to NFT, Metaverse, or marketing content creation.

Customers & Partners