Editor’s note: The possibility space that’s currently being created by digital fashion is vast. From a business model point of view, fashion is facing down the question of what it means to transition from selling exclusively physical goods for centuries, to now selling digital end products and establishing a foothold in one or more virtual worlds. But dig down from the corporate level, and digital fashion is also a powerful tool for individual empowerment and inclusion. It’s a springboard for grassroots talent, a distribution channel for the unjustly disenfranchised, and perhaps the most potent opportunity the fashion industry has had to reinvent itself to be more open, more ambitious, and more equitable.

3D design and simulation tools have long welcomed new talent, but as today’s news demonstrates, that talent is now coming in more diverse forms than ever before – and there are a huge spectrum of new voices deserving of recognition, and waiting to be heard. The Interline believes in the business potential of digital creativity and digital products, but more than that, we support any technology-adjacent initiative that seeks to break down unnecessary barriers and to showcase how digital tools can unlock new opportunities for everyone.

Press release follows:

The Limitless NFT is making the impossible possible. It is a powerful collaboration between UK based 3D digital fashion designer Sam Goodyear and bionic pop artist, muse and futurist Viktoria Modesta. The NFT aims to dismantle the limits placed on anyone who doesn’t fit into societal norms. The project’s name has a dual meaning – the design is elaborate and ethereal, its presentation like its artists defying the limitations of perceived ability.

It was created using the technology stack behind Modern Mirror’s flagship product, the Avant-Garde Fitting System (AFS), which includes 3D body-scanning technology, motion capture and garment digitization and simulation. The AFS provides a solution to fashion’s digital transition and transforms the shopping experience of trying on garments. With AFS verifying the look, fit and movement clothes can be tried-on virtually either in store or online.

Sam Goodyear’s clothing design career started with a BTEC degree in Textiles in the UK. In 2020 he began employing the digital fashion design software Clo enabling him to further develop his virtual design skillsets. Sam’s expertise with complex software as well as his design sense brought him to the attention of Modern Mirror where he is an Artist in Residence and a Virtual Sample Maker.

Sam is challenging the societal expectations and perceptions of people with Down syndrome with his creativity and technical abilities in this field. However, despite living in a world that often limits opportunities for those with such conditions based on perceived ability, he has proven that his neurodiversity will not stand in the way of his creative potential and fashion design career.

The Limitless fashion NFT, from Sam Goodyear, Viktoria Modesta, and Modern Mirror.

Launching 21st February 2022 @ 16.00 GMT/11.00 EST/20.00 PST on the Artano Marketplace

Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop artist and creative director. Brought up in the subculture of London, now living in Los Angeles, she is known for her multi-disciplinary approach to future-pop identity and performance art with a post-human edge. Her work bridges music, body art, sculptural tech-fashion and an otherworldly narrative first executed in the viral hit video “Prototype” that introduced her as the ‘world’s first bionic pop artist’. Her life story has been recognized around the world as a testament of human strength and a truly transformative approach to modern identity with the highlight spotlight of Barack Obama as recognizing her as ‘Personal Frontier’ featured in WIRED magazine.

For the last five years Viktoria has been working on other aspects in her bionic universe – as a performing artist, art director and post disability activist. She has become a household name amongst the digital renaissance of futurist artists – working across crypto art, digital fashion and virtual identity. Her latest artwork starring her virtual alter-ego is featured in TIME magazine’s TIMEpieces NFT drop.

Committed to true equality, diversity and inclusion, the team at Modern Mirror, are inspired by Viktoria Modesta’s and Sam Goodyear’s accomplishments and are proud to support their technical and artistic collaboration.

The one-of-a-kind Limitless NFT will drop in an edition of one on the Artano marketplace on February 21st, 2022 during London Fashion Week. In addition to a video of a 3D model of Viktoria Modesta wearing a transcendental 3D digital fashion design by Sam Goodyear, it also provides the buyer endless possibilities to use the digital design throughout the metaverse. A portion of the net proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association’s WorkFit programme, which is “a national organization committed to improving quality of life for people who have Down Syndrome, promoting their right to be included on a full and equal basis of others, including helping them find meaningful work.”

Modern Mirror’s core products are built on the values of reducing the fashion industry’s environmental footprint. In staying true to those values, they have partnered with NFT platform, Artano, a community-curated sustainable marketplace built on Cardano, an environmentally conscious blockchain.

The Limitless NFT is intended to inspire designers, creative directors, models and leaders in the fashion industry to follow in the project’s footsteps, widening employment opportunities and breaking outdated notions of fashion careers being inaccessible.

Video: Behind the scenes video of the NFT in the making: https://youtu.be/kIWviON_lxc

About Modern Mirror (www.themodernmirror.com)

Based in New York City, Modern Mirror is a fashion innovation business creating high-fidelity, intelligent virtual fit experiences for the luxury apparel industry, aimed at designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. Founder and CEO Nicole Reader is an experienced entrepreneur, leading a 35 – strong team of inventors, engineers and fashion innovators at Modern Mirror, with a flagship portfolio that includes the Avant-Garde Fitting System (AFS), Virtual Atelier, Virtual Runway and 3D Digital Fashion and Avatar NFT’s.