Following what feels like an age of uncertainty for physical events, The Interline is delighted to announce our participation in the upcoming Digital Futures: Industry Summit 2022. The event is presented by the Department of Fashion Business and Technology at The University of Manchester on 30th March 2020, and will see global experts in the digital fashion, retail and manufacturing industries join together to educate the next generation on what’s possible.

Hosted by The Interline’s own Ben Hanson, the Summit is positioned around the continual ‘META-morphosis’ of fashion, retail, materials innovation and manufacturing. It will connect future talent with industry leaders to facilitate new ideas and examine the forces – driven largely by technological advancements – reshaping our global industry.

The event will explore a multitude of topics that will no doubt pique our readers’ interests – from AI, VR and the blockchain, to e-prototyping, and 3D textile innovations. Keynote speaker for the Summit is Founder of The Interline, and CEO of WhichPLM, Mark Harrop, who brings more than four decades of industry expertise to deliver exhaustively researched education to today’s retail technology professionals.

The Interline will be joined by an esteemed panel of industry insiders:

  • Marielle Pesant and Danny Reinfield, of Linctex 3DStyle – a premier digital fashion technology business, providing retail solutions that enhance consumers’ online shopping experiences.
  • Amal Jomaa, of SO REAL – a mass producer of cinematic-quality, XR and game-ready 3D objects for immersive experiences.
  • Stuart McCready-Stocks, of Coats Digital – the software business of Coats Group, the world’s leading industrial thread company and trusted industry player.
  • Goor Moshe and Adi Mandel, of Twine Solutions – the developer of proprietary digital on-demand thread dyeing systems set to disrupt the textile industry.
  • Tal Shogal, of Made 2 Flow – specialising in data gathering and analysis of environmental data in the fashion industry.
  • Wayne Fan and Alexis Liu, of Frontier Cool – a first of its kind digital fabric platform, utilising AI to build the world’s most powerful textile and fabric image exchange for the apparel and fashion industries.

Join the conversation on 30th March – completely free of charge – to explore how companies are mitigating our challenging environment through retail and manufacturing digitalisation, to discover the potential of the Metaverse, and to discuss the key skills and capabilities required by future graduates.

The festival of fashion technology.