Irvine, CA, May 11, 2022 – swatchbook, inc today announced the release of mix 2.0, the second generation of the all-new 3D design, configuration, and visualization application designed for iPad. Originally introduced at the end of 2020, this second release marks another ground-breaking update featuring an innovative, new workflow that allows designers to explore designs manually or with help of automation and machine learning.

“swatchbook has revolutionized digital product creation and material management,” says John Burch, Senior Vice President of Product for Merrell, a Wolverine Worldwide brand. “swatchbook and mix enable our teams to sandbox ideas with decision-makers before releasing projects to development partners in a digital tech pack format within the confines of our approved material and color palette enabling Merrell to go to market faster, drive innovation, and operate more sustainably.”

Materials and colors applied to the 3D model in the swatchbook mix app.

At the center of this release is an all-new recoloring tool that allows designers to recolor any material provided by fabric mills and tanneries worldwide. All design, material iterations, and configurations are always synced with swatchbook’s powerful digital asset management platform. This combination of design and management tools offers the most flexible and integrated combination of design and visualization tools available to fashion designers to date.

The best of both worlds

mix 2.0 expands the user experience by giving the designer more choices on how to approach the design. The wizard-like user interface expands to not only include materials but also color collections for the design. From there, designers can choose to start with a blank canvas, combine manual and automated design, or refine a fully automated design based on rules and AI, with the ability to create all designs in full 3D or AR.

Work with color

Designers can now add color collections to their mix and use colors independently of materials. This means the user can have simple color blocking or recolor existing materials on the fly, in 3D as well as in AR.


mix’s all-new, powerful recoloring tools work on single and multi-color materials. Recolor each material using the selected colors in the collections. Additionally, it gives designers a new variant of that material which they can share with the rest of the team or even with the supplier to have it made.

Recoloring of materials sourced from a supplier in swatchbook mix.

Starting with a blank canvas

mix allows designers to start on a blank canvas. This makes mix feel almost like a painting application. Apply rules while Machine Learning helps guide countless undiscovered combinations, combining the best of both worlds in terms of manual and machine design.

Photographic results with a single button push

Of course, mix 2.0 works with OTOY’s distributed revolutionary distributed GPU cloud-rendering platform RNDR® to deliver any design in 10 different angle shots plus turntable animation, all with a single button push.

Automatically rendered product angle shot from inside mix.

A virtual Bill of Materials for manufacturing

Store all variants in the designer’s swatchbook account and share with the team. With each variant, swatchbook stores a virtual Bill of Materials (vBOM) which lists all parts, dynamic links to materials and their suppliers, colors, amount of usage, and pricing. For easy communication with factories, export any vBOM into a stylized PDF, complete with all renderings of the product.

Fast, faster, mix

swatchbook mix 2.0 takes advantage of the latest developments of iOS for iPad, as well as macOS. Combined with the compute power of the Apple M1 chipset family, mix is one of the fastest design solutions on the market, delivering hundreds of design configurations in a matter of seconds.

“mix 2.0 is the next step in design and visualization software,” says Yazan Malkosh, CEO of swatchbook. “Being able to recolor materials on the fly and sharing those with your supply chain makes mix the easiest and fastest design tool without having to rely on other design applications or platforms.”

Pricing and availability

swatchbook mix 2.0 is immediately available as an add-on to all swatchbook subscribers for an additional fee directly from the App Store. Visit swatchbook on the App Store.

Learn more

To learn more about swatchbook mix, as well as swatchbook’s latest offerings and capabilities please visit

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