The latest episode of The Interline Podcast is now live, with our third episode – Championing Change – available across all major listening platforms from today.

As the apparel and footwear industries wrestle with the practicalities of turning discrete technology projects into broader transformation, this episode looks at the mechanics of championing change through the lens of digital product creation – from initial concept and material digitisation, to the metaverse.

To tackle those topics, our Editor-in-Chief, Ben Hanson, is joined by Jared Goldman – Vice President of Design at New Balance and Sophia Lara – Digital Product Creation and Transformation Lead at Kalypso.

Listen now:

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Our next episode is scheduled for release soon. In the meantime, you can find key talking points from Episode 3 below.

Key talking points:

  • Fashion is moving on from technology implementations directly driven by pandemic-era disruption and towards more comprehensive digital transformation. How can brand and retail businesses knit together isolated successes and drive enterprise-wide change?
  • Digital product creation has been a lifeline for many businesses as a tool for replacing physical samples at a time when digital samples were all that was available, but the possibilities extend much further. How much untapped potential is there in digital assets?
  • How has the fashion industry’s adoption of digital product creation and 3D workflows advanced since The Interline and Kalypso partnered on a benchmark survey in late 2020?
  • Can the pathways taken by brands like New Balance to move from initial adoption of 3D to digital-first workflows be translated into models for other enterprise-level transformations – whether those are technology-driven or just tech-adjacent?
  • What does the future hold for 3D and digital product creation?

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