Retailers and brands are under increased pressure to bring products to market faster than ever before. Having a robust PLM solution to manage product design and development alone is not enough. Bringing new product assortments to market involves careful collaboration and coordination of numerous activities between an international team of buyers, merchandisers, quality assurance, logistics and compliance specialists.

CBX Design Connector for FlexPLM makes it easy for PTC FlexPLM users to take full advantage of CBX Cloud‘s powerful extended supply chain capabilities. Using the Design Connector, product design, specification and library data within PTC FlexPLM are automatically synchronized to CBX Cloud and readily available for buying, merchandising, quality and other team members to do their job. There’s no data rekeying. While designers continue to use their familiar FlexPLM tool to design and build out products, the buyers, merchandisers and other team members can seamlessly manage crucial tasks associated with quotations, samples, orders, production, inspections and shipments.

Retailers and brands are seeking a strategic edge at a time when consumers are demanding more variety and more innovative products. Consumers have also made it clear that they want reasonably priced products from a socially responsible and sustainable supply chain. CBX Design Connector is an out-of-the-box solution that enables retailers and brands to take advantage of best-of-breed, integrated solutions for product lifecycle, responsible sourcing and supply chain management. The integrated solution cuts cost out of the supply chain by eliminating errors and redundancy, while improving communication, transparency and collaboration across all stakeholders responsible for developing and producing private label and branded merchandise assortments.