Vizoo GmbH Is Launching The New xTex A4 Hardware: The Next Generation Of Materials Scanners

A re-designed version of their market-leading xTex A4 scanners will help Vizoo to meet the high demand for material digitization technology worldwide.

The Fashion industry is going digital. It’s not only brands starting to implement and scale their digital product creation processes, but also garment manufacturers and textile mills are adopting digital technologies to improve their design, production, and selling workflows. Consequently, 3D has become a foundational technology in the industry and its use across the supply chain is accelerating exponentially. To meet the increasing demand for material digitization solutions, Vizoo spent the last year developing a completely new xTex A4 scanner. The new modular design of their best-selling product now allows the technology company to scale its hardware supply chain and produce much higher quantities in a shorter time. Next to the advanced producibility, it also increases the maintainability of the systems.

Martin Semsch, CEO of Vizoo says: “I am proud of the Vizoo team’s hard work to bring this exciting release along. There is years’ worth of development for both hardware and software embedded in the new xTex scanner. The advanced hardware will truly allow brands and suppliers to roll out digitization technology fast and easily.“

Vizoo also gave the new device an updated look that is familiar but modern. The company engaged a renowned industrial designer to give the scanner a new face while keeping the well-known characteristics and high usability of the hardware.

Today, Vizoo scanners are already appreciated for their high-quality output. Nevertheless, the company pushed the boundaries of the quality of their 3D materials even further with the hardware changes. With the support of the shutter less Nikon z7 and z7II, the scanner now runs on the latest camera technology. The Z7 and an additional modular lens adapter setup stabilizes the entire system and captures images even sharper than before.

Through a reworked interior LED light setup and changes in the calibration procedure, the overall color accuracy is improved for colors within the sRGB spectrum. In addition, the lighting being much more precise than before also allows Vizoo to calculate normal maps even more true-to-life making the capturing of surface structure the best on the market.

As the market leader in digital material creation technology, Vizoo will continue innovating. Currently, research is in progress to further perfect the output quality of the 3D materials for all texture maps by utilizing the new hardware.

“There are still many opportunities we can harness with the new and more powerful scanner.”, says Martin Semsch.

A high level feature overview is publicly available in the what’s new video.

About Vizoo GmbH

Vizoo is the leading supplier of solutions for the physically accurate digitization of material swatches in the fashion, sportswear, and lingerie industry. Since 2013, the company has helped fashion brands and their supply chain to digitize their material processes and create digital twins of physical material samples. Their technologies are widely used from 3D Design to eCommerce in 45 countries globally. To get more regular updates follow us on social media or visit