• Web : https://www.vizoo3d.com/
  • Address : Vizoo GmbH, Johann-Karg-Strasse 30
  • State / County : Haar
  • Country : Germany
  • ZIP / Post Code : 85540
  • Primary Telephone : +49 (0) 89 379176 47
  • Email : info@vizoo3d.com
  • Supplier Profile : The Germany-based company Vizoo is the number one supplier of solutions for industrial digitization of materials. Since 2013, the company helps fashion brands, manufacturers and fabric mills to create digital twins of their physical samples and digitize their material processes. Vizoo products are made with the objective to create realistic digital materials in no time. Clients appreciate the ease-of-use and the consistent output, which makes xTex the technology of choice when it comes to mass production of digital materials.

The xTex scanner to accurately capture the visual surface of the material (PBR textures).

The xTex software to provide intuitive tools, even for non-3D experts, to process the materials (tiling, recoloring, rendering) and to generate output compatible with any 3D tool.

The physX platform assigns the mechanical parameters needed for 3D apparel simulation.

See our technology workflow:

Our Value Propositions

The foundation for a digital product creation workflow are high-end material libraries. This is an area which is initially often overlooked, and many companies regret to not have started building this basis for their DPC process first.  

Materials, Fabrics and Trims have to be readily available in 3D to have a positive user experience in the Design workflow. If users have to stop their creative process because not all assets are available, it will delay results and cause frustration. Not to mention that 3D is perceived as too time consuming. 

Looking further down the creation process, 3D prototypes look much more realistic resulting in a wider acceptance internally and allowing for more accurate decision for approval or changes.  

Last, high-quality assets allow customers to streamline their process all the way to ecommerce, instead of creating a quality barrier for any customer-facing use cases.  

In short, 3D – being an entirely visual approach to product creation – is very dependent on quality. The more realistic the materials, the more likely it is for 3D to be accepted. 

Our Customers

In more than 45 countries over 400 fashion, interior and automotive clients are using Vizoo technologies to feed their 3D Design, virtual prototyping, marketing or eCommerce applications.

Adidas, Hugo Boss, sOliver, Holy Fashion Group, Target, Li & Fung, Under Armour, OTB Group, IB company, Bestseller, H&M, PVH, Ralph Lauren, Nike, MAS intimates, Puma, VF, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, IKEA, Materialbank, Wayfair, Vitra 

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