When we think about the secondary market, it conjures up a lot of different things. From circularity – keeping products alive as long as possible – to scarcity and speculation. What happens to garments, accessories, and footwear past the original point of purchase is a key focus area for the fashion industry for a range of different reasons.

But the secondary market is also something of a proving ground for a model that the wider fashion industry is going to find itself forced to adopt in the future – one built on smart, reactive pricing, data-backed product authentication and storytelling, provable sustainability, and managed scarcity.

All of which makes the secondary market a prime fashion segment for innovation in both business models and technology – both of which are cornerstones of the reputation that The Edit LDN, a global, cross-channel platform for limited sneakers and streetwear, has rapidly made for itself, setting partnerships with Harrod’s and Galeries Lafayette, and The Chicago Bulls.

For this episode of The Interline Podcast, Ben talks to Moses Rashid, The Edit LDN’s CEO, about resale, the future of brand-consumer relationships, and how technology – including AI and digital collectibles – is fundamental to fashion’s future in both predictable and unexpected ways.

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Our next episode, analysing whether the Metaverse is truly moving or simply spinning its wheels, will be released very soon. In the meantime, you can find key talking points from Episode 9 below.

Key talking points:

As a microcosm for the wider fashion industry, the secondary market captures many of the big ticket challenges and opportunities facing fashion, including:

  • How cross-channel relationships between brands and buyers can evolve.
  • How the fashion industry can take a smarter, more agile approach to pricing and inventory management through automation and intelligence.
  • How artificial intelligence can be deployed in behind-the-scenes applications, including product inspection and authentication.
  • How the industry can begin to measure and manage its environmental footprint.
  • How fashion can start to rationalise the idea of making less new product without sacrificing margins.
  • How brands and retailers should be thinking about the near and potential longer-term future of digital collectibles.

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