DHAKA, BANGLADESH and LONDON, UK  – May 03, 2023 – Coats Digital is pleased to announce that leading vertically-integrated circular knitwear manufacturer, Norban Group, has selected Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan solution to digitally transform its manual planning processes into a connected single platform that will enable it to better align Time and Action (T&A) priorities, connect more-accurate planning and forecasting data, improve OTDP, and eliminate unnecessary firefighting across the business.

Founded in 1990, Norban Group is an innovative, vertically integrated manufacturer of quality circular knitted garments, including tops, hooded sweat jackets, joggers and shorts. The company manufactures a comprehensive range of knitted garments using state-of-the-art machines for knitting, fabric dyeing & finishing, yarn dyeing, lab and R&D, embroidery and printing. Norban employs over 4200 workers, produces over 2.5 million garment pieces per month and exports to top retailers across Europe and the USA, including C&A, S.Oliver, P&C, Next, Carrefour, Adler, Fila, Jack Wills, Target, Canada Sportswear, among many others.

Shafiqul Alom Sumon, Director, Marketing and Merchandising, Norban Group, said: “FastReactPlan will help us become a more effective vertically integrated Knit-Composite manufacturer by quickly identifying bottlenecks, reducing firefighting and providing the essential KPI monitoring and visibility we need to keep the business moving forward. From this point on, priorities will be more aligned and integrated thanks to FastReactPlan. This solution should enable us to handle the challenges of current planning processes better while increasing productivity and improving our delivery performances. The solution will ultimately improve our client satisfaction, and this is the primary goal behind our new partnership with Coats Digital.”

Part of Coats Digital’s core Manufacturing Solution Suite, Fast React Plan is a dynamic, visual production planning and control tool that optimizes delivery, efficiency and lead times. Designed and developed specifically for apparel and footwear manufacturers , it helps companies integrate capacity, critical path and materials into an integrated planning system.

Md Ariful Islam Arif, Sr. Manager, Coats Digital Bangladesh, commented: “We are delighted that Norban Group has joined our growing global family of newly digitized fashion manufacturing partners. Norban has been fully committed to introducing innovative solutions and advanced industry automation throughout its state-of-the-art production facilities wherever possible, and we are honoured to be helping the company progress its digitization programme with FastReactPlan.  We have observed a lot of enthusiasm for digital transformation among the Norban team and look forward to the successful roll out of FastReactPlan so that Norban can quickly capitalise on advanced production methods to ensure it consistently remains ahead of the game.”

About Norban Group

Norban, founded back in 1990- is a model in many aspects in the knit textile industries in Bangladesh and enjoys a distinct reputation as a source of High Standard Garments, supplying to number of reputed retailers, brands in Europe and the USA with reliability and confidence. With a fully vertical integrated setup, Norban offers a comprehensive solution to the entire range of the circular knit garments manufacturing industry with state-of-the-art machineries in Knitting, Fabrics Dyeing & Finishing, Yarn Dyeing, Lab and R&D, Embroidery and Printing.

Norban manufactures a comprehensive range of knitted garments T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweats, Hoodies, Jackets, Joggers, shorts and all sorts of circular knit styles. Norban employs over 4200 workers, produces over 2.5 million garment pieces per month and exports to top retailers across Europe and the USA. Its customers includes C&A, S.Oliver, P&C, Next, Carrefour, Adler, Fila, Jack Wills, Target, Canada Sportswear and others.

About Coats Digital

Coats Digital is the leading digital transformation partner for the fashion supply chain, powering sustainable processes and high value insights through connected technologies. We leverage deep industry and technology expertise to help brands and manufacturers optimise, connect and accelerate business critical processes from design and development to method-time-cost optimisation, production planning and control, fabric optimisation and shop floor execution. Used in over 3,000 factories globally, our unmatched end-to-end apparel, footwear and textile software and SaaS solutions improve agility, speed to market, efficiency, transparency and sustainability. Coats Digital – transform with intelligencecoatsdigital.com 

Coats Digital is the software business of Coats Group, the world’s leading industrial thread company and a trusted industry player.  

About FastReactPlan

Part of Coats Digital’s Manufacturer Suite, FastReactPlan is a dynamic, highly visual production planning and control tool to optimise delivery, efficiency, and lead time. FastReactPlan brings together capacity, critical path, and materials into a single, integrated, dynamic planning system. The highly visual and flexible ‘drag and drop’ approach to planning allows effective master planning across multiple factories, as well as the detailed and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines/ machines. Critical pre-production activities (e.g., samples and approvals), and material requirements are dynamically driven in a LEAN pull system based on the latest plan, which supports the reduction of inventory and lead time.

FastReactPlan is typically interfaced with other business systems (e.g., ERP, PLM, inventory & shop floor). Sharing key data reduces data entry workload, improves accuracy and speeds up the planning process and response times. Developed specifically for fashion manufacturers of all sizes, FastReactPlan is quick to implement, configured to reflect industry best-practices and specific business requirements. It is proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in speed, flexibility, and efficiency. For more information, please visit: www.coatsdigital.com.