Key Takeaways:

Against a backdrop of high costs, long lead times, massive upfront commitments to manufacturing capacity and materials, and intense scrutiny of their environmental credentials, brands are looking to invest in supply chain technology that can provide measurable improvements to speed, cost, innovation, and sustainability.

Digital, on-demand dyeing of thread and yarn has, for some time, been delivering a quiet revolution in all these areas, in sampling, for a wide range of product categories. It’s improved manufacturing yields, transformed sample creation times from weeks to hours, reduced minimum order quantities from kilos to fractions of a gram, replaced subjective, iterative dyeing with exact digital reference matching, cut tons of synthetics from fashion’s environmental footprint, and unlocked new creative possibilities.

Those benefits are now about to extend into full-scale production – exemplified by the launch of Twine’s new X4 platform, which brings significant speed, creativity, and sustainability improvements to the long-untouched process of dyeing. Now a single step in the supply chain represents a showcase for how brands and their partners can take quantifiable action on their supply chain stability, increase the likelihood of their products succeeding, and improve the health of their bottom line.

To tell this story, we partnered with Twine to produce a new whitepaper: “Fixing The Supply Chain One Step At A Time – The Compelling Bottom-Line Business Case For Digital Dyeing”, which is available to download – ungated – from Twine’s website from today.

Combining industry history, objective data, and real-world case studies, the whitepaper is designed to help brands, retailers, and manufacturers to discover how digital dyeing can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve sustainability.

For fashion businesses of all shapes and sizes, the second half 2023 is likely to see big changes continue to take place outside their direct control. From the cost of raw materials to the shape and scope of consumer demand, the world is still characterised by unpredictability – meaning that any changes you can make to your core business of designing and making fashion to soften the impact of that uncertainty will be a net benefit to your bottom line.

Based on the results the industry has already seeing in sampling, and the potential for the future of full-scale production, making an investment in digital dyeing, now that it’s ready for use in full-scale production, could be a very strong start to changing your supply chain to better fit this new world.

To better understand these benefits, and to tap into a reservoir of knowledge about the cost, environmental, and speed benefits of replacing a key analogue supply chain step with a digital one, download the whitepaper today.

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About Twine Solutions: Twine Solutions is changing the game of the traditional, resource-intensive, thousand-year-old dyeing process. Their mission is to lead the digital transformation in the thread and textile industries for better performance and greater sustainability.

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