TRIMCO Group and Green Score Capital Collaborate to Offer a Streamlined Traceability and Environmental Labeling Solution

The collaboration offers brands an efficient and highly accurate one-stop-shop traceability and product green claims solution.

14 September, 2023 – Global supply chain traceability and compliance platform innovator, TRIMCO GROUP, and leading SaaS software company, measuring science-based product footprint, GREENSCORE CAPITAL, are proud to announce a new collaboration that aims to offer an advanced environmental labeling solution, including supply chain traceability and PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) assessment.

By integrating Green Score Capital’s comprehensive and science-based product impact score calculation tool with Trimco Group’s super-efficient supply chain data monitoring and reporting platform, ProductDNA®, the collaboration offers brands an efficient and highly accurate one-stop-shop traceability and product green claims solution. 

The partnership leverages Trimco Group’s vast global network and accurate ProductDNA® system, to extract the detailed information needed to calculate and measure biodiversity and carbon footprint of garments and shoes. Green Score Capital then uses this information to provide brands with a robust, solutions-orientated PEF score. As part of the DPP program and workgroup assigned by the French government, Green Score Capital’s processes are comprehensive, providing a customized solution based on the French government’s criteria, offering its expertise and scientific knowledge. The company has developed its own PEF methodology, going beyond the standard EU PEF requirements, ensuring that the system is ongoingly aligned with the law advancements, including environmental laws such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive or the law on deforestation.  

“There are so many aspects to the DPP (Digital Product Passport), and brands often find themselves having to work with several suppliers or solutions to be compliant. This can be very challenging. Our collaboration with Green Score Capital will help to streamline this process and ensure that brands receive the most up-to-date and accurate information. Acquired data also means that partnering brands are better protected and avoid the risk of being accused of greenwashing,” states Claire Piccinno, Sustainability Research Coordinator at Trimco Group. “ProductDNA® was designed to help brands achieve their sustainability goals and this partnership adds another fantastic benefit to our already comprehensive solution.”.

Green Score Capital founder, Valérie Tiersen stated about the strategic partnership: “Since it was founded in 2019, Green Score Capital’s focus has always been on helping companies to accelerate their environmental performance while ensuring their economic resilience. We believe that by combining forces with Trimco Group, we will be able to help companies to get onto their DPP journey faster and more efficiently, which is good for our planet, its people, and good for business.”  

The integrated solution is available to brands through Trimco Group’s customizable ProductDNA® platform, and brands can request a demonstration of the various modules available on ProductDNA® by getting in touch with Trimco Group. 

About Trimco Group

Trimco Group is a leading global supplier of trims, packaging, supply chain traceability, data management, and RFID solutions for the textile, footwear, and lifestyle industries worldwide. Trimco Group is a trusted partner that supports brands with innovative and creative product solutions, driven by deep expertise in design, data, technology, and ESG. We provide innovative brand identity products, advise on rules and regulations regarding sustainability requirements, and operate world-class logistics and production centers. With more than 1,700 employees in 22 countries, serving over 1000 brands, and 8,600 manufacturers worldwide, we strive to deliver a seamless supply chain for international brands by meeting market demands for quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Learn more about Trimco Group at

About Green Score Capital 

Green Score Capital, a French environmental assessment software publisher established in 2019, is dedicated to enhancing corporate environmental performance. Our SaaS platform quantifies biodiversity and carbon footprints for businesses and their products while considering their financial constraints. Leveraging satellite data, we pinpoint localized impacts and associated risks to formulate tailored action plans.

Awarded the Solar Impulse Label in July 2023, Green Score Capital is now part of the prestigious group of 1,000 planet-saving solutions recognized by the Bertrand Piccard Foundation. For more information, visit  or follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.