MULDOONEYS And 3D AG Unveil The Future Of Luxury: Introducing The Provenance Time Capsule On Polygon Blockchain

MULDOONEYS proudly unveils a new paradigm in luxury – The Provenance Time Capsule.

[PARIS/BAAR, October 2023] – MULDOONEYS, the luxury leathergoods tech start-up known for exploring the intersection of savoir-faire, technology, design, and fashion, proudly unveils a new paradigm in luxury – The Provenance Time Capsule. This pioneering feature ushers in a new era of luxury, incorporating blockchain, linked with a tamper-proof hologram key that documents the digital footprints of each product through the intricate supply chain, whilst authenticating its provenance.

Time, Virtue, Luxury: A Transformative Journey

Nestled within 3D AG’s proprietary brand authentication solution, soorce3D on the polygon blockchain, the Provenance Time Capsule is more than a technological advance; it offers a journey into ethical sourcing. Each time capsule encircles a beguiling time loop, supplier heritage, and unique artisanal craftsmanship safeguarded by the precision of Swiss-made holograms.

Provenance Revolutionized

Our Meenakshi Pret a Porter collection now proudly incorporates the Provenance Time Capsule. The final piece in our blockchain supply chain innovation model, which transcends mere functionality. It invites customers to forge a deeper connection with supplier heritage and their rich stories while preserving the timeless knowledge of traditional savoir-faire onto the polygon blockchain. Moreover, this innovation features a brand authentication benefit, activated when customers register their purchase within the vault using our Swiss-made holograms, creating an unbreakable bond.

A Legacy of Heritage

At the heart of each MULDOONEYS creation beats a profound connection to history. Our products, from their conceptual storyboards to supplier heritage to French savoir-faire, are enshrined within a blockchain-powered continuum. The Provenance Time Capsule serves as the guardian of this cultural treasure, and an unequivocal testament to our commitment to upholding transparency in the product journey, with a bridge between the rich tapestry of tradition and limitless possibilities of technology.

The Power of Holography

With this collaboration with 3D AG, the Swiss technology experts in brand authentication holography, we have ushered in a revolution that not only safeguards the authenticity of our products but also celebrates their provenance. Unlike NFC chips (RFID) which are susceptible to tampering, our holograms unobtrusively provide unparalleled security and authenticity for our customers and now the legacy of heritage we have vaulted within our Provenance Time Capsule. 3D AG’s solution leveraging holographic technology within our blockchain supply chain model shows greater sophistication, demonstrating how authenticity, provenance, traceability and transparency harmoniously coexist through the power of holography, within the IoT.


Relaunched in October 2022, MULDOONEYS has embarked on a remarkable journey that intertwines technology and leathergoods artistry, propelling this young brand into uncharted territories of elegance and innovation. With each new series we create our passion for tech innovation flourishes, giving rise to a collection portfolio that transcends the boundaries of traditional luxury. At MULDOONEYS we are not merely a luxury brand; ours is a sanctuary for those who dare to dream, seek sentimentality, and celebrate the extraordinary in life.


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