Garment designs in header image and report cover created by Harry Tribe, worn by virtual models from DMIx, and rendered using the DMIx cloud-render service.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building on the runaway success of the 2022 Digital Product Creation Report – which captured the apparel, footwear, and accessories industries at an inflection point for widespread adoption of 3D and digital product creation – The Interline will release The DPC Report 2023 this December.
  • The report will, again, be packed with exclusive editorials, opinion pieces, brand perspectives, technology vendor profiles, and the next step in our DPC market analysis.
  • For this year’s cover, The Interline has partnered with designer Harry Tribe to create a set of bespoke outfits, with virtual models and rendering support by DMIx, to showcase the level of fidelity that DPC tools now puts at the fingertips of creatives.
  • The key themes of this year’s report will be the vast spectrum of use cases for digital assets – from product definitions and in-house decision-making, to fuelling real-time immersive experiences – and the contrast between these possibilities and the scale of organisational and technological change required to capitalise on them.
  • The DPC Report 2023 will be available to download from The Interline this December, and will be free to download and share – supported by our partners at SOURCING at MAGIC.
  • Technology vendors who wish to appear in The DPC Report 2023 can sign up from today for a limited number of remaining spaces.

Later this year, The Interline will publish its second detailed, downloadable report focused entirely on digital product creation (DPC) for apparel, footwear, and accessories. Like all content from The Interline (including The Sustainability Report 2023), the report will be completely free to read, and driven by the questions, concerns, and priorities of real fashion professionals who are putting the pieces of long-term digital transformation strategies into place today.

Supported by SOURCING at MAGIC – the milestone, twice-yearly industry event that The Interline has partnered with to showcase fashion technology in action live in Las Vegas twice this year, The DPC Report 2023 will provide a two-pronged look at the realities of 3D working and digital product creation across the major sectors of fashion. 

From immersive experiences and high-fidelity final pixels, to internal line review and virtual eCommerce photography, the report will spotlight how much trust can be placed in digital assets today, and the wide spectrum of use cases that exist for digital representations of physical products, or products that are built to be digital-only.

Behind the curtains of those assets and experiences, however, is a complex, multi-faceted journey of digital transformation, technology pipeline building, grassroots talent, and long-term vision. This year’s report will help to document that journey, with opinions and advice from brand leaders, industry figures, and our own roster of editors and contributors.

To define the visual identity for The DPC Report 2023, we partnered with designer Harry Tribe, who created a set of bespoke outfits intended to capture the creative and technical possibilities of working natively in 3D. To help showcase the level of fidelity that creatives like Harry can access through the growing ecosystem of DPC tools, the hero renders for the report were supported by virtual models and cloud rendering services from DMIx.

The DPC Report 2023 will also contain:

  • Profiles of the technology vendors that matter across 3D design and simulation, digital materials, real-time and offline rendering, product data centralisation, digital asset management, virtual photography, eCommerce, and other applications that contribute to the fast-maturing DPC ecosystem.
  • The next step in our analysis of the progress the fashion industry has made towards the vision for creating the majority of styles natively in 3D, and our data-driven perspective on where digital product creation is headed in both the near and longer-term future.

We have begun reaching out to technology vendors from across the DPC ecosystem already. Many have signed on already, and we will be contacting more very soon. If you haven’t heard from us and you would like to participate in The DPC Report 2023, contact us.

For more on The Interline’s live event and content partnership with SOURCING at MAGIC, stay tuned for future announcements, and read the first in our two-part “Fashion Technology Foundations” series, which focuses on how brands, retailers, and manufacturers can tap into the possibilities of 3D and DPC.