• Web : https://ettos.io/
  • Address : 16 Church Street
  • City : Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham
  • State / County : Nottinghamshire
  • Country : England
  • ZIP / Post Code : NG12 3DB
  • Email : hello@ettos.io
  • Supplier Profile : ettos is a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables clothing brands worldwide to easily verify the ethicality and sustainability of their supply chains with complete transparency. The fully integrated digital platform helps brands to manage environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) claims, track full product journeys in real time using a ‘Digital Product Passport’ and engage effectively with their verified suppliers at batch level.

We are here to facilitate transparency across the world, across the whole clothing sector and its supply chain.

Our easy-to-use and innovative SaaS platform is here to challenge the status quo. ettos is changing the approach to garment sourcing and the narrative that surrounds it. Our platform gathers data and informs insight by bringing all partners together from across your supply chain to evidence and validate product claims.

Brands and suppliers can work together with collective responsibility, to gain eyes across the full chain of custody and build digital product passports. Connecting with your Tier 1 suppliers online enable real-time updates and accurate compliance profiles.

Batch-level order tracking provides a clear record of open environmental and ethical claims; allowing you to stay on top of potential legal risks.

Our platform

Our story

In 2019, Adriana and Gianni started a fashion-forward venture with a focus on eco-conscious garment manufacturing. Their ground-breaking app, Lyfcycle, allowed brands like Skopes and Arco to track products from fibre to store, promoting transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. The growing demand from consumers, for ethical and sustainable clothing pushed brands to seek practical tools and solutions for better sourcing practices. The success and recognition of the Lyfcycle app inspired Adriana & Gianni to expand its functionality, aiming to offer transparency and collaboration for all clothing brands worldwide. This vision led to the birth of “ettos” in 2023, a powerful digital platform facilitating the entire garment manufacturing process with real-time data, evidence for environmental and ethical claims and creation of digital product passports.