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  • City : Paris
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  • Country : France
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  • Supplier Profile : As a major player in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets, Lectra contributes to the Industry 4.0 revolution with boldness and passion by providing best-in-class technologies. The group offers industrial intelligence solutions - software, equipment, data, and services - that facilitate the digital transformation of the companies it serves. In doing so, Lectra helps its customers push boundaries and unlock their potential. The group is proud to state that its 2,400 employees are driven by three core values: being open-minded thinkers, trusted partners and passionate innovators. Founded in 1973, Lectra reported revenues of 388 million euros in 2021 and is listed on Euronext (LSS). Lectra acquired Gerber Technology in 2021. For more information, please visit lectra.com

Our Solutions

Connect the Dots throughout your entire Supply Chain

Lectra offers solutions that Connect the Dots, from data-driven intelligence benchmarking solutions, collection management, product development, production, enrichment, to eCommerce.


Retviews is an AI-powered competitive analysis platform that is able to track competitors’ discounts, optimize each sales period and maximize company margins. Retviews also allows users to have a perfect overlook of market analysis and a peek into an agile direct-to-consumer supply chain. Brands can now offer what the consumers want while predicting the market’s available stocks and prices. Retviews monitors over 5,000 brands globally, curating the data onto the platform allowing users to easily filter down however they want and visualize it through easy-to-digest reports. Retviews is the ultimate AI-powered solution for all players in the market including, Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and even Marketplaces.

Main Retviews Benefits:

  • Best tackle price inflation
  • Optimize your discount strategy
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Nail your assortment strategy
  • Pinpoint the right price positioning

Kubix Link is a unique and endlessly adaptable ecosystem of fashion PLM, PIM, DAM and more. Developed for forward-thinking companies, Kubix Link enables fashion and apparel process stakeholders to consolidate, share and communicate all product-related data through a single funnel from their first sketch to online sales channel. With this open platform, this management software, users can aggregate and store both style and technical information (tech packs) pertaining to each product in a structured and comprehensible manner.

  • Unparalleled collaboration
  • Intuitive familiarity
  • Increased efficiency using a fashion PLM
  • Ultimate omni-channel approach
  • Digital Boards


Developed by people in the apparel industry for the apparel industry, YuniquePLM® sets the bar for flexibility, scalability and speed. Our cloud-based PLM helps increase speed, streamline your workflow and bolster your bottom line to help meet challenging consumer demands. Gerber YuniquePLM ensures you have real-time access to the most accurate data during every part of your production process. The cloud-based solution provides a single, reliable source for all product information that can easily be integrated into multiple design programs.

Gerber YuniquePLM integrates seamlessly with ERP systems and other solutions you’re already using, allowing you to stay connected with your team and supply chain whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

Main YuniquePLM Benefits:

  • Manage samples efficiently
  • Spend more time on design
  • Make smarter business decisions

Lectra’s Gerber AccuMark 2D and 3D

Gerber AccuMark® transforms your design, development, and marker-making process through an industry-leading suite of software applications combining 2D, 3D, and Nesting.

With Lectra’s Gerber AccuMark, users can visualize designs, create accurate patterns and optimize their markers while seamlessly sharing data throughout the supply chain. Gerber AccuMark empowers fashion brands to accelerate time to market, improve fit, and maximize material utilization.

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