Earlier this winter, The Interline hosted an over-subscribed discussion, in partnership with the digital materials teams at Cotton Incorporated and Adobe Substance 3D. Titled “Closing The Gap Between Digital And Physical Materials“, the workshop was initially scheduled for one hour, but after fielding incisive questions from the hundreds of live attendees, it quickly became clear that this was a subject that merited a much deeper discussion.

The teams then got together again a few weeks later to tackle all the unanswered questions that arose during the live session, and to consider some of the broader implications of the parametric capsule collection that was the catalyst for the original conversation.

Those two sessions were then spliced together to create a nearly-two-hour extended cut, which looks at the questions swirling around digital materials (and where they interact with their physical counterparts), and considers the benefits of combining both procedural and scan-based material creation workflows.

That extended cut was originally only available to registered attendees, but to celebrate the close of the year, and to support the release of our Digital Product Creation Report, we’re now making it available to everyone.

Depending on your level of 3D and DPC experience, the terms “procedural” and “scan-based” may not be familiar to you – but this is precisely what this extended cut is designed to address. Whatever familiarity you have with digital materials, you will find answers in this replay – from the highly technical specifics of colour spaces and calibrated lighting, to the fundamentals of capturing and working with digital fabrics.

For more insight into the role of digital materials in unlocking the future of digital product creation, explore our DPC Report, which features interviews and perspectives from Adobe Substance 3D, Cotton Incorporated, and many more industry figures.

About our partners:

CottonWorks™ is your go-to textile tool for discovering what’s possible with cotton. From fiber and manufacturing education to sustainability facts to fabric inspiration and trend forecasting, cottonworks.com has the information you need to stay in motion. Questions? Contact cottonworks@cottoninc.com.

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