Launching with more than 20 technology providers, with more being added regularly, The Interline’s new Tech Hub is a fast-growing destination designed to help businesses find their fashion technology fit.

Visit the Tech Hub to explore technology vendors by category – from DPC and PLM to Material Innovation, AI, and Sourcing & Supply Chain.

We designed the Tech Hub with simplicity, usability, and ease of discovery in mind. But to find your feet quickly, follow this quick user guide:

  • The Tech Hub is split into the same story categories you’ll find across The Interline, making it easy to zero in on what matters to you. Scaling your vision for 3D? The Digital Product Creation section is for you.
  • You can scroll the entire list of categories – with more coming online soon – or use the buttons at the top of the hub to jump to the one you want.
  • Where a category has more than 8 technology providers, tapping “View All” will open that section in a dedicated page, so you can explore the full list.
  • Like the sound of a particular vendor? Just tap them to open up a full profile, with solution details, video demonstrations, contacts and more.
  • Every vendor’s Tech Hub listing gets an automatic, two-way link to any stories they’ve told through The Interline – from news to case studies and collaborations. Check out our recent spotlight on Zumba’s digital transformation to see how easy is it to jump from reading to solution discovery, and back again; just tap Lectra’s icon at the top of the story to shortcut to their listing, then find the story at the top of their sidebar again.
Find the right fashion technology fit for your needs at The Interline's new Tech Hub.

We’re continuing to build out not just the Tech Hub, but new, streamlined ways to navigate from reading about fashion’s big-ticket challenges and opportunities, to finding the solutions to help tackle them.

“There are two parts to the digital transformation journey in fashion: the theory and the practice,” says Ben Hanson, The Interline’s Editor-in-Chief. “We founded The Interline on the principle that the industry needed a simpler way to make the transition from exploring a problem to actually fixing it, or from identifying a new possibility to really capitalising on it, and our growth over the last three years has demonstrated that the number of digital transformation professionals in fashion has exploded.”

“Today, innovation, risk management, digital asset creation, profitability, and a wide spectrum of other key strategic priorities for fashion are so tightly wound up with technology that there’s simply no way to separate them,” he adds. “That means that the process of optimising a fashion brand, streamlining a retail operation, or honing a competitive, digital edge as a manufacturer, is a technology process – making technology discovery one of the most essential tasks fashion has on its plate. The Interline’s Tech Hub is designed to make that discovery process as easy as possible: we’re starting to put technology vendors in front of the biggest dedicated audience for fashion technology content, and I’m confident we’ll see the right kinds of connections being built as we continue to grow in 2023 and beyond.”

If you’re a technology vendor looking to showcase your platform on our Tech Hub, please get in touch with our Digital Editor who can showcase the discoverability and discovery possibilities that a listing opens up. We have compelling introductory offers in place.