Next week, from 4th to 6th July 2023, The Interline will be on-site at the Autumn / Winter 24-25 edition of Première Vision Paris, as the cornerstone of our exclusive European trade show partnership.

At the live event, our Editor-in-Chief, Ben Hanson, will be hosting a series of high-profile, technology-focused panel discussions that will take place in the new PV Hub – a 1,400 square metre space dedicated to Smart Tech, Smart Materials, and Smart Services.

More details on each session in the four-panel series – taking place on the afternoon of 5th July – are available below. But in advance of the show, The Interline and Première Vision have also collaborated on a content series exploring the central role that technology will play in delivering on fashion’s near and longer-term strategic objectives.

First, we released a new whitepaper unpicking the various ways that technology is transforming fashion. Segmented into sections examining the impact of digital transformation on design, supply chain connectivity, product journeys, and sustainability, the whitepaper charts the industry’s accelerating move away from traditional tools and towards new business models.

A preview of the whitepaper is embedded below, and the full 25-page report is available to download directly from the Première Vision website.

To coincide with the release of the whitepaper, our Editor-in-Chief also guested on the Smart Creation podcast, in an hour-long episode where he and host Adrien explore topics as diverse as 3D design, AI, supply chain agility, and how the future of fashion is being reshaped by digital tools.

And ahead of the autumn / winter 24-25 edition of the milestone Paris fashion event – which will celebrate its 50th year with a party on 4th July 2023 – The Interline and Première Vision conducted a series of technology-focused interviews on key industry topics:

Each of these companies is also represented on The Interline’s Tech Hub, with detailed profiles of the solutions and services provided by Style3D, TEKYN, and Fairly Made.

All three companies will also be joining the technology takeover of the new PV Hub stage on the afternoon of July 5th, alongside a raft of other Smart Tech companies that cater to the fashion industry. Split into four themed panel discussions, the conversations will cover the following topics:

Digital Transformation: Creating New Possibilities Across The Fashion Ecosystem

From cutting-edge examples like AI and VR, to the progress being made towards new methods of digital sampling and production, a huge amount of digital transformation is taking place at every stage of the product journey. What’s coming next?

This panel discussion will feature:

  • Orkunt Yozgat, CEO / Zeta (the digital and smart wearable arm of the brand EzraTuba)
  • Danny Reinfeld, General Manager, Europe / Style3D
  • Erwan Krotoff, Co-founder / Retail VR
  • Grégoire Willerval, Co-Founder – Creative Direction / Scotomalab
  • Joana de Medina, Fashion Strategic Account Manager / Stratasys
  • Qi Zheng, Founder / VSK Tech

How Can Technology Help Fashion Meet Its Sustainability Targets?

The mandate from consumers and governments is clear: fashion must find ways to curb its impact on people and the planet. But how far is the industry from meeting its targets and achieving compliance? What role will Smart Tech play in making further progress?

This panel discussion will feature:

  • Agathe Roussel, Chief of Development / Fairly Made
  • Clarisse Reille, Executive Officer / I.F.T.H. – Institut Français Textile Habillement
  • Delphine Droz, Founder / LA BELLE EMPREINTE
  • Paul Cappuccio, Co-founder & CEO / WARO
  • Luis Olivera, CEO / Wonder Raw

The Future Of Supply Chain Connectivity, Collaboration, and Resilience

Against a backdrop of historic disruption, instability, and unpredictability, fashion’s supply chains have been tested to their limits.

Now we are entering a new era of digital connectivity, new tools and platforms, and the necessity of collaboration. What is technology doing to unlock those possibilities?

This panel will feature:

  • Philippe Rodzinski, Traceability consultant, Environmental Textile Expert / PIVOT 88
  • Dorothy Pun, Founder / Knitup
  • Agnès Vernier, CMO / TEKYN
  • Emilia Jevakhoff, Co-Founder & CEO / Winddle
  • Thomas Isnard, CEO / GoldenEye Smart Vision by Apollo Plus

Technology‘s Role In Traceability & Circularity

From the data required for product passports, to the complexities of post-sale journeys, the lifespan of any given product is longer and harder to track than ever. But technology could have the solutions to both tracing products and creating new experiences pre and post-sale. What does the future have in store for traceability and circularity?

This panel will feature:

  • Chandra Prakash Jha, CEO & founder / FFBS
  • Laurent Bocahut, CEO & Co-founder / Peftrust®
  • Roman Houlbreque, Chief Customer Officer / Retraced
  • Mónica Rodriguez Corral, Co-founder & CEO / Recovo
  • Pauline God, Program Manager / TrusTrace