Measuring and managing fashion’s environmental and humanitarian impact is top of the agenda. Everyone agrees on why this has to happen, but as the industry begins to transition from promise to practical reality, the essential word has become how.

Later this summer, The Interline – with support from Prèmiere Vision, creators of global events for fashion professionals – will release a brand-new downloadable report with that burning question at its heart. What can fashion really do to make tangible progress towards transparent supply chains, accurate lifecycle impact assessments, living wages, negative carbon emissions, and a range of other key objectives? And how important will technology be in realising those visions?

Like everything from The Interline, including our recent DPC Report 2022, and the Fashion PLM Report 2023,  the inaugural Sustainability Report will be free to download for everyone, to help encourage understanding and progress, and to anchor big ideas in real process, capability, and business model evolution.

Made up of three segments, the Sustainability Report will include:

  • 15+ original and exclusive editorials and interviews, covering a wide spectrum of collective industry action, consumer psychology, manufacturing technology, impact calculation, supply chain transparency, design-for-impact, and more.
  • A who’s who of the technology companies that are directly addressing the mandate for environmental and ethical action, at the same time as offering other benefits to efficiency, visibility, agility and more.
  • The first analysis of the technology market for fashion sustainability, with indications of where innovation is realising the most value for brands, retailers, producers, and their partners – in both commercial and core sustainability terms.

If you are a technology vendor whose solutions directly address the need for supply chain visibility, transparency, and collaboration, or an innovator in the material and manufacturing space, and you would like to participate in the Sustainability Report, get in touch with The Interline via email today.

As a reader, stay tuned for more sustainability content in the lead-up to the report, as well as announcements closer to launch. And consider joining our Interline Insiders mailing list to be kept informed on new stories from The Interline every week.

To learn more about The Interline’s ongoing partnership with Prèmiere Vision, get up to speed on our latest collaborations here. Or to explore new features dedicated to exploring the practical side of sustainability action, explore more of our detailed sustainability content.