After hosting the technology programme of Première Vision Paris twice in 2023 – once for the spring / summer 2024 season, in February, and once for the autumn / winter 2024/25 season, in July – The Interline is proud to announce that we will be returning to Paris in the same role for the February 2024 show.

This renewed partnership will see The Interline moderating the proven format of technology-focused panel discussions, which took over the main stage at Première Vision Paris for an entire afternoon at this year’s shows, and hosting several new and evolved discussions that adopt a different format – examining some of fashion’s biggest challenges and opportunities through a technology lens, on one of the industry’s biggest stages.

And before the end of 2023, our Editor-in-Chief will also be speaking at PV Denim in Milan, on 22nd November – spotlighting the deep links between sustainability and technology for a more specialised audience of denim industry suppliers, brands, and designers.

The ongoing relationship between Europe’s milestone fashion industry event (now in its 50th year) and the leading technology publication for fashion has also seen the recent release of The Sustainability Report 2023 – a new industry document from The Interline, supported by Première Vision, which examined not just the drive for sustainability, but the progress fashion is making towards its most urgent challenge, as well as how technology can support that transition.

Those key themes – the urgency of action on fashion’s environmental and social impact, and the various ways that innovation and digital transformation can provide the structure and the data to unlock that action – are also shared across Première Vision’s events. The February 2024 Paris show, for example, will continue to spotlight practical solutions for sustainability and eco-responsibility – from accreditation and labelling to inform smart sourcing decisions, to education sessions and hands-on demonstrations of solutions from traceability to digital product creation.

“We believe that technology and innovation are vital parts of the toolkit that brands and suppliers need to share in order to make responsibility the core of their businesses,” says Gilles Lasbordes, General Manager of Première Vision. “For fifty years, our events have been home to the conversations, connections, and communities that have helped fashion to overcome some of its biggest challenges and to build new opportunities and experiences. Today, there is no greater challenge than measuring and managing the industry’s environmental and social impact. And whether you are a young designer or a material supplier with centuries of heritage, there’s no bigger opportunity than preparing your business for a future where sustainability is synonymous with success.”

For our technology vendor audience, Première Vision Paris represents a unique opportunity to showcase new innovations and to engage with perhaps the largest audience of fashion professionals at any European event. And for our brand, retail, and supply chain readers, the detailed agenda for the February 2024 show will be revealed closer to the date of the event, but during the technology programme, The Interline is expecting to address the industry’s biggest-ticket items in collaboration with some great speakers.

And for our readers in the denim sector (or who work for brands who incorporate denim into their assortments) there is still time to register to attend PV Denim, which will take place in Milan on 22nd and 23rd November 2023, at Superstudio Più.

“At a time of real uncertainty, and ongoing change, the one constant is the need for fashion professionals to stay informed about technology and innovation, since so many of the industry’s strategic priorities – from creative expression and cost reductions to decarbonisation and regulatory compliance – is going to rely on digital tools sooner rather than later,” concludes Ben Hanson, Editor-in-Chief of The Interline.

“That’s why we’re excited to be working with Première Vision again, to help bring technology right into the heart of the fashion business, where it belongs.”